Indicators for Renovation or Expansion of Your Salon: Is It Time?

Expansion your salon

Salon Renovation is always a major leap in taking your salon to the next level and is a business goal most salon owners share. Everyone dreams of expanding their salon in a number of ways – moving to a new, bigger location, adding to the existing space, and opening a second location.

Despite being ready to take the plunge, we often falter when it comes to taking the big step. No matter which way you choose to go, expanding or renovating your salon is a lot of work. It’s definitely not something that will happen overnight. A lot of planning and thought goes into it.

Do you wonder when the right time is? This might be the best time to plan an image upgrade or a salon remodel.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the signs that signal it’s time to seriously consider Salon Renovation and remodeling your salon.

Signs It’s Time To For Your Salon Renovation Or Expansion

You’ve opened your business and seen great success. Now is the time to set your eyes on expansion:

1. Your stations are always full:

One sign it’s time to change is if you are struggling to accommodate another chair. It’s become almost impossible for you to give new hires time behind the chair because all the slots are fully booked. As a salon owner, it is important for you to give every stylist equal opportunities to serve clients.

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2. You are forced to turn away new customers:

While having your salon appointment software fully booked is a good thing, don’t forget that walk-ins also contribute to your overall bottom line. These impromptu clients are the ones your salon should rely on. If you haven’t been accepting walk-ins off late, it’s time for Salon Renovation. It’s dangerous to only rely on your existing clients for income. To grow your business, it’s vital to have a steady stream of new clients.

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3. Your open slots are booked in advance:

With your hair salon software, your clients can schedule their appointments even two weeks in advance. If your slots get booked within minutes of opening them, you need a second location. Most of the clients who book these slots are your existing clients. There will be a lot of other potential clients out there who would want to avail of the services in your salon but are unable to because you have no slots open. Increasing your availability and letting clients know that you offer the same service at a second location will increase their satisfaction and promote repeat business.

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4. Lack of space:

This is one obvious sign you must do Salon Renovation. Most salon owners often start in a small space with just two or three employees. As the salon grows, they tend to hire more stylists and accommodate them in the same space. You will slowly find your salon smaller and smaller each day. For example, in case of a double booking, does it become difficult for you to accommodate a new client? Are you running out of room for your retail products? If everything looks and feels cramped up, you must consider moving to a bigger space.

5. You’ve groomed a stylist into an effective leader:

When you open a salon, you often find the need to be there all the time. Whether it’s guiding the stylists or looking over their work, you just feel more content when you are around. If this is holding you from opening a second location, you should probably train and groom your stylist into an effective leader. Have one team member who can manage your salon even in your absence. Once they get the confidence to manager a salon, you can open in a second location and hand over the autonomy to them to lead the place.

Despite making them the managers of the other location, the reins still remain in your hands. You can still manage both your salons without being present at both locations. With the multi-location feature on the salon software, you can easily track the progress of your other location, analyze employee performance, manage inventory, and generate consolidated reports. Occasionally, you can physically visit the outlet to see how things are. However, with hair salon software, you get complete control over your multiple salon locations.

Whenever you are ready to venture into a second location, MioSalon will have your back. With the marketing capabilities of our software, you can easily find customers to sustain your new business. The in-built features easily scale to accommodate another store and beyond.

6. Signs it’s time to remodel your salon

As a salon owner if you don’t feel the need for Salon Renovation, don’t. Only if you are experiencing the above signs, do you really need to start working towards another location. Sometimes, it’s all about giving your existing location a facelift. If your business growth has become stagnant over the recent years, consider remodeling your salon and changing your image. You can’t expect your business to strive and do well if your place looks tired and outdated.

Always remember, a client visits a salon or spa to feel relaxed and soak into a tranquil setting and ambiance. Thus, investing in a remodel can prove beneficial to your salon. However, when do you know your salon or spa needs to be renovated?

7. Your salon furniture is wearing off:

If you have leather chairs and couches in your salon, chances are they soon begin to wear off. If they are wrinkled from overuse, it’s time to upgrade.

8. You are constantly fixing your equipment:

The average lifespan of salon equipment is six to seven years. There comes a time when it’s more cost-efficient to upgrade your equipment than to constantly fix it.

9. Your equipment looks outdated:

Trends are always changing and thus it’s important to keep up with what’s in style. If your salon equipment looks like it belongs to a bygone era, it’s time to renovate. You can always look at Pinterest for inspiration.

A salon remodels may seem like a daunting task and a nightmare, but the rewards are always fruitful. Rebranding and reinventing your salon with a new atmosphere can improve the overall bottom line of your salon and the flow of clients.

Once your Salon Renovation is complete, use your hair salon software to create a buzz amongst your clients. Post pictures on your social media handles to let your clients know you’ve got a fresh look. Change is always good. Your clients and staff will always notice and appreciate it. Standing strong with you every step of the way is MioSalon, salon software. Learn more about the benefits of your beauty business here.

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