Elevating client experience : Connecting with your clients using WhatsApp messaging in MioSalon

Whatsapp Business

In the era of client-business interactions, staying connected and responsive to client needs is a milestone of success. 

However, maintaining client communication and managing the work flow is quite challenging, mainly in the wellness and beauty industries.

Businesses like salons, spas, beauty, aesthetics, medical spas, massage centers and more have to immediately notify clients of everything from appointment bookings to campaigns and reminders.

Without proper communication and notification channels, salons and spas face numerous hurdles.

That’s why MioSalon is offering a solution to integrate your account with WhatsApp to simplify communication and enhance client satisfaction. 

But what makes WhatsApp so great?

It’s not because it’s easy to use; it keeps your conversation private, updates the client immediately and the open rate is high.

In this blog, we’ll explore its importance, usage, why and how MioSalon integrated with WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp?

 WhatsApp is a messaging platform that is used to communicate with clients. It acts as a bridge between your salon and spa business and your clients. The open rates for WhatsApp are high when compared to other communication platforms. 

According to WhatsApp business, the client open rate on WhatsApp is 98%, compared to a mere 20% of emails. So switching your focus to WhatsApp investment is far better.

Importance of WhatsApp Messaging

WhatsApp messaging offers a lot of benefits; here we have listed the main four points that can help you in your business.

Reach people at your convenience

People often put off reading emails, but they usually check incoming messages right away. Nearly 80% of WhatsApp messages are read in the first five minutes. This offers a wider-reach of audiences and high open rates.

Personalized communication

Whether you’re automating messages or communicating directly, you can always tailor messages. Send personalized messages on appointment updates, reminders, invoices, authentication and more.

whatsapp Business

Secured and trustworthy

WhatsApp chats are more secure with end-to-end encryption. From a business perspective, it’s secure enough to send sensitive information like OTP’s, balances and more.

Diverse content format

One of the greatest benefits of WhatsApp is that it offers a wide range of formats, like texts, images, videos, documents and more. Also, you can include CTAs in button formats.

Boost communication and provide great client service via WhatsApp in MioSalon

Complete customization

Create a unique identity for your business on WhatsApp with a custom sender ID to stand out and be easily recognizable by your customers. Enhance your messaging experience by sharing various multimedia files, such as photos, videos, and documents, based on the requirement. Personalize your messaging experience with custom templates. Create and get approval from Facebook to send customized messages for updates, promotions and OTPs.

Automated notifications and reminders

Send personalized appointment reminders to clients to reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations. Include relevant details such as appointment date, time, name, services booked and staff name, which make it easy for clients to confirm or reschedule their appointments. 

Crafting engagement messages

Share exclusive discounts, promotions, seasonal offers, gift vouchers and other deals with your clients. Include details such as the expiration date, services, terms and conditions for redemptions. With WhatsApp integration, you can easily gather feedback and let them share their thoughts and experiences to build online reputations.

How to integrate a WhatsApp business account into MioSalon?

1.Create a WhatsApp business account

The first and foremost step is to create a WhatsApp business account. You can easily create a business account by entering business information and contact details. Always make it professional and appropriate. Facebook will verify your business and approve your account.

2.Integrate your WhatsApp business account in MioSalon

The next step is to integrate your WhatsApp business account into MioSalon with two-factor authentication. You can also validate your messages and check whether the WhatsApp account is ready to send messages to your clients or not.

3.Create templates for your business

The next step is to create customized templates for your notifications. It can be a text message, an image file, a video message or document. Based on the notification type, you can create the template and include a button at the bottom. Once it is done, send it for approval to Facebook.

4.Assign and send messages to the clients

Once a template has been approved, it can be easily assigned to multiple locations without any hassle. To send a message, you have to purchase platform credits in MioSalon. After assigning, the messages will be automatically sent to the clients based on the notification type.

5.Pricing strategy

Facebook offers 1,000 free messages every month. After that, for each message, a valid amount will be calculated and deducted based on the message type – transactional, promotional or authentication. 


WhatsApp messaging is a powerful tool for salons and spas to connect with their clients and improve overall client engagement. By leveraging this integration, you can take advantage of complete customization, automate notifications and reminders and craft engaging messages to keep them informed and engaged. From sending appointment confirmation notifications to reminders and promotional messages, WhatsApp integration with MioSalon enables you to deliver personalized experiences that drive client loyalty and retention.

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