Stay Secured: A Comprehensive Guide to Two-Factor Authentication

In today’s digital world, online security breaches are too common. From scam messages to digital hacking attempts, cyber attacks are becoming a growing threat to businesses of all sizes.

Unfortunately, salons and spas are not immune to these risks. In fact, they often face unique challenges like bill cancellations, data manipulation and data leakages.

When it comes to protecting sensitive data and maintaining integrity, businesses have to leverage advanced technology. This is why MioSalon is implementing Two-Factor Authentication for all clients. In this blog, we’ll delve into the importance of security and how two-step verification helps protect data and secure your business operations.

two step authentication

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a secured method for logging into cloud-based application. When a person tries to login from a different device, they send a login approval request to the owner. When the request gets approved, the account will be accessible; otherwise, it will be rejected.

Why is two-factor authentication important?

Passwords are no longer effective to protect an account from cyber attacks. Enabling two-factor authentication in MioSalon can reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access. This security can make it more difficult for cybercriminals to attack your account. 

The data in your MioSalon account is private and confidential. With two-factor authentication, protect your account from data breaches, financial fraud and hacking.

For example, if an unauthorized person gains access to your salon software, they could even download client data, change card details, deposit information and even make point-of-sale transactions.

How does MioSalon address security risks?

According to CISA, MFA on your accounts makes you 99% less vulnerable to cyberattacks.

MioSalon supports multiple security measures for pilferage control and leakage. Some of the security measures, apart from two-factor authentication, are:

1. Masking customer contacts 

Hiding sensitive customer data from front desk employees, staff and managers to prevent unauthorized downloads or misuse. 

For example, when an employee leaves a salon for some issue, there may be a potential risk of downloading the customer database. The individual then used this information, including service preferences and contact details, to get their benefits, which impact the salon’s revenue and reputation.

2. Bill Cancelation

To avoid manipulation or modification of bills, the authorized person receives an immediate bill cancellation or edition alert.

For example, when a staff cancels a generated bill for sole purpose, an automated alert will be sent to the authorized person. And the cancelled bill invoice can be downloaded.

3. Product leakage

Automate the calculation of internal product consumption to minimize product theft and real-time report generation.

For example, staff can take products and showcase them, as those products are consumed for internal purposes. With automated internal product consumption, the owners can easily track that information and avoid product theft.

How to configure two-factor authentication in MioSalon?

  • Enable configure two-factor authentication in MioSalon
  • Receive alerts when staff members attempt to log in from new devices. 
  • If the login request is approved, the staff can access the account. 
  • If not, access is denied, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Setting up two-factor authentication in MioSalon is simple and straight forward. It is an essential security measure for salons and spas looking to protect account information and sensitive data. By implementing this, owners can reduce the risk of unauthorized access and cyberattacks.

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