The Future of the Beauty Industry: How Gen Z is Giving a Makeover to the Beauty Business?

The next generation of beauty buyers and service providers is crafting new stands for cosmetic products and brands are evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of their consumers. From DIY fashion to innovating new trends and branding.

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Gen Z is redefining the fundamental way of thinking about beauty. 

With this source, whether it’s middle-aged men and women looking to preserve their youth or the younger generations trying to mimic social media filters in real life, consumer behavior is driving high in the beauty and aesthetic industry. In the movement of anti-aging treatments, the global market was $62 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $93 billion by 2027, according to Statista.

Business figured out this as an opportunity to increase their sales and drive business by targeting Gen Z and millions in the beauty and wellness industry and minimizing the efforts with automation and advanced beauty software.

Gen Z behavioral patterns in the beauty industry

Gen Z – Conscious Consumers

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z doesn’t exhibit strong brand loyalty. Instead, they follow a “tried and true” approach to their cosmetic products. They are keen on exploring new brands and products, figuring out which suits their skin tone and undertone, and trying different shades. This generation is offering fresh experiences and perspectives in the beauty and cosmetic industries. 

Sustainability isn’t the only thing that interests them. Being social and influencing others’ purchasing decisions plays a significant role as well. By focusing on sustainability, brands can cultivate long-term loyalty and a positive brand reputation among Gen Z consumers.

Research-driven choices

The previous generation used to believe that a high price equals high quality but according to Gen Z behavioural patterns, high quality matters. 50% of this generation extensively researches beauty products and services, looking at ingredients, benefits and reviews before committing to experience them. Gen Z are looking for transparancy rather than popularity.  According to Business of Fashion, nearly 46% of Gen Z consumers are willing to pay a premium for sustainable services and products.

Blending online & in-Store experiences

With a generation that shapes the future of technology and online shopping through the use of digital platforms, the evolution of artificial intelligence with skin analysis tools, shade matchers, easy try-ons, and AI try-ons has a great impact on Gen Z. Not only do they shop online, but people also visit parlors and shops to explore and try new products. Brands are even offering customized packages for customers to experience their brand, thus increasing their loyalty.

How to cater your beauty salon business to target Gen Z?

In order to properly serve the Gen Z consumer, beauty businesses need to make effective changes to their approach. This generation expects brands to reflect their values and way of life, and they appreciate technology, authenticity, and inclusivity. In order to satisfy Gen Z’s expectations, beauty enterprises should concentrate on the following areas:

Transparency in products and services

Gen Z  values transparency beyond all else. They anticipate complete transparency regarding a brand’s ethical standards and the contents of its products. Provide precise and honest information about the services you provide, such as the credentials of the beauty experts, the products you employ, and the detailed treatment plan. Building trust is facilitated by openness regarding costs and possible results.

Offer customizations

Gen Z appreciates originality and looks for goods and services that are tailored to meet their particular requirements. Utilize technology to assess each person’s unique preferences and understand their buyer persona. Create service packages that are adaptable to each client’s requirements.

Social presence

Gen Z is the first generation of “digital natives.”  They utilize YouTube, Instagram and TikTok for acquiring application skills, finding new items, and exchanging evaluations, in addition to being fun. Companies found that authentic and relatable content is what drives purchase decisions so they are working with micro-influencers more frequently because they connect with their audience on a more personal level.

Advanced technology solution

The Gen Z beauty experience heavily relies on technology and the business leverages beauty salon software to simplify operations, automate notifications and reminders, and integrate with multiple platforms, which smooths the purchasing experience and offers quick satisfaction and customer convenience.


The beauty industry is undergoing a significant transformation, largely influenced by the values and preferences of Gen Z. Brands are being forced to innovate and adapt in response to this generation’s demands for authenticity, diversity, sustainability, and technology. Beauty salons and parlours that embrace these changes and pay attention to the opinions of this new generation will thrive in the future of the beauty business. And utilize beauty parlor software technology to reduce manual errors, automate processes, keep up to date with the data and generate revenues with new loyalty programs.

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