Tick-Tock, Don’t Forget the Clock: Unleashing the Power of Reminders for Salons

Are you constantly juggling appointments, managing staff, and trying to keep your business running smoothly? It’s time to reclaim control and maximize your efficiency. This exclusive blog tailored specifically for salon owners like you, we delve into the powerful tool that can revolutionize your daily operations reminders.

Let’s dive in and discover how the simple act of setting reminders can bring harmony to your bustling salon. Tick-tock, don’t forget the clock!

Understanding Your Client

Successful salons like ours make an effort to understand each client’s unique needs and preferences. This includes everything from their favorite services, preferred appointment times, to their birthdays and anniversaries. Not only does this information help us tailor our services better, but it also allows us to create meaningful and personalized communication, a crucial aspect of which is reminders.

The Beauty of Reminders

Reminders, while seemingly simple, serve as a powerful tool in the salon business. They’re not just about reminding a client of an upcoming appointment or a service due. They’re opportunities for touchpoints, for communicating that we remember, care about, and value their patronage. They’re the little nudges that show clients we’re excited for their visit and are ready to offer them a rejuvenating experience.

Benefits of Client Reminders

Here are some benefits that our salon enjoys by implementing reminders

  • Improved Client Retention: Regular reminders keep our salon on the top of our clients’ minds, encouraging repeated visits.
  • Reduced No-Shows: Timely reminders ensure clients are less likely to forget their appointments.
  • Increased Revenue: Promotional reminders about special offers or new services can spur additional purchases.
  • Boosted Client Satisfaction: Personalized reminders make clients feel valued and foster a strong relationship.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Automated reminders save staff time that can be better utilized elsewhere.

Types of Reminders Salons Can Use

To serve the needs of our diverse clientele, our salon uses a variety of reminders

  • Appointment Reminders: To confirm appointments and reduce no-shows. With 30 appointments a day, that’s around 900 reminders a month.
  • Promotional Reminders: To update about ongoing offers and new services. We reach out to around 20 clients a day, approximately 600 a month.
  • Follow-up Reminders: To encourage clients to book their next appointment if they haven’t visited in a while. In our case, about 25% of our clients fall into this category.
  • Loyalty Program Reminders: To prompt clients to redeem their accumulated loyalty points, prepaid card, or package. About 10% of our clients need this reminder.

Examples of Reminder Messages

Appointment Reminders

  • “Hi [Client’s Name], looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at [Time] for your appointment with [Stylist’s Name]. See you at [Salon Name]!”

Promotional Reminders

  • “Hello [Client’s Name], we miss you at [Salon Name]! We have an exciting offer just for you: Get a free [Service] with every [Service]. Book your appointment today!”

Follow-up Reminders

  • “Dear [Client’s Name], it’s been a while since your last visit. Our [Stylist’s Name] has a slot open this week. Would you like to book an appointment at [Salon Name]?”

Loyalty Program Reminders

  • “Hello [Client’s Name], you have [X number] of loyalty points waiting to be redeemed at [Salon Name]. Schedule an appointment today and enjoy your rewards!”

How much of your time is saved a day?

Let’s consider our salon which manages 30 appointments a day.

  • Appointment Reminders: If we consider one reminder call per client, with each call taking approximately 2 minutes, that’s around 60 minutes a day
  • Promotional Reminders: Reaching out to 20 clients a day for promotional offers, at an average of 2 minutes per call, accounts for another 40 minutes a day.
  • Follow-up Reminders: Assuming we have to call 25% of our clients each month (that’s approximately 500 calls) to book their next visit, it translates to around 16 calls per day. That’s 32 minutes a day.
  • Loyalty Program Reminders: With 10% of our clients (approximately 200) needing a reminder to redeem their credits, we make around 6-7 calls a day, taking around 14 minutes.

In total, a salon like ours would spend around 146 minutes or over 2 hours every day on reminders alone. That is a salon can save upto 60 hours of staff time a month. Imagine what more you could do with that time saved!

In terms of cost, how much do you save?

Based on the earlier illustration, we established that a salon spends approximately 146 minutes or about 2.43 hours a day on reminders. Let’s calculate the cost saved

  • Daily savings: 2.43 hours x $12 = $29.16
  • Monthly savings: $29.16 x 30 days = $874.80

So, by automating reminders, a salon could potentially save around $874.80 per month, a substantial saving that could be redirected to other key areas of the business. This figure showcases the cost-effectiveness of investing in salon management software like MioSalon, which automates this process, freeing up your staff to focus on more valuable tasks.

How to Effectively Implement Reminders

Now that we understand the importance of reminders, here’s a step-by-step guide to implement them

  • Identify the Need: Understand the specific reminders your salon needs.
  • Plan: Decide on the frequency, timing, and channels of communication.
  • Execute: Begin sending out reminders.
  • Evaluate: Monitor the effectiveness of your reminders and make necessary adjustments.

Embracing Technology with MioSalon

Digital Assistant in Salon Management

In the digital age, salon management software like MioSalon serves as a critical partner, navigating the complex dynamics of client communication with ease and efficiency.

Integrated Reminder System

MioSalon’s integrated reminder system automatically dispatches an array of reminders—appointment alerts, next-visit nudges, birthday wishes, special offer notifications, and reminders about expiring loyalty points, prepaid services or packages. This reduces the manual effort required by staff to call clients, enhancing operational efficiency.

Customization and Flexibility

With MioSalon, each reminder can be personalized and dispatched via your preferred communication channel—be it SMS, WhatsApp, or email. Moreover, you can define the timing and frequency of reminders to be sent: three days, two days, or a day before the event, or even at specific times of the day.

Maintaining Client Respect

Recognizing the importance of respecting a client’s personal space, MioSalon provides options to halt reminders post a client’s visit, or once a certain limit is reached. This prevents a bombardment of unnecessary reminders, preserving client experience while ensuring effective communication.

In essence, MioSalon is a digital ally that empowers salons to seamlessly blend technology with operational needs, elevating client relationships and salon management.


The beauty of reminders lies in their simplicity and their power to transform client relationships. They save precious time, enhance client satisfaction, and ultimately help salons flourish. So, it’s time to embrace reminders and let tools like MioSalon streamline the process for you. Here’s to creating lasting impressions, one reminder at a time!

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