Get Ready for 2023 with These Top 10 Stunning Hairstyles for women

Top 10 Hairstyles for women

Let’s agree that the beginning of the New Year comes with an irresistible urge to start afresh. Whether it’s weight loss goals or eating right, there are many different ways people look at welcoming the New Year. 

Amidst the preparations to start a new chapter, a lot of people plan on getting a makeover. Every new look starts with a haircut or new hairstyle, of course. 

Whether you love or hate New Year’s Eve, one thing is for sure it’s a great excuse to dress up. Girls go all out with their hair and makeup. Salon scheduling software of the beauty business literally runs full during this time. 

If you are looking for some swanky hairstyle ideas that will give your mane volume and look fantastic, we have you covered. 

These hairstyles are so easy that you can execute them yourself or drop by your nearest salon. 

If You’re Ready To Find Your Perfect NYE Look And Ring In 2023 In Style, Keep Reading On:

Top 10 Stunning Hairstyles for women

1) Dutch braid with Bun: 

For those with long locks, a Dutch braid will totally do the trick. Plus, it’s oh-so-easy to execute. All you need is the right products and know-how. If you are stepping out for an outdoor New Year’s Eve party, the last thing you’d want is your hair blowing all over the place. With this edgy double Dutch braid and bun combination, your strands will definitely stay secure. 

Dutch braid + Bun

2) Twisted Half-up: 

If you have big, voluminous hair, try a twisted half-up. With this up-do, you can wear your hair down and still make it look special. All you need to do is put the upper section of your hair into a braid and leave the hair below down. Instead of keeping it straight, try crimping it to get textured waves. Brush it with a hairbrush and you’re good to go. 

Twisted half up

3) Knot Bun: 

If you still don’t have an outfit to ring in the New Year, no worries because you have a hairstyle. The classic knot bun goes with literally any kind of outfit. Whether you’re planning to wear a little black dress or a chic skirt and glittery top, the knot bun seems to be an obvious choice with most party-goers. It also gives you a chance to flaunt a pair of statement earrings.

Knot Bun

4) Half Up-do Bouffant: 

Giving your hair a slight bouffant is a very retro-inspired hairstyle. It’s perfect for a glitz and glamour night or a black-tie affair. These up-dos seriously never go out of style. Thus, if you’re stuck planning your New Year’s Eve hairstyle, this one’s a winner that suits all face cuts and types. 

Half Up-do Bouffant

5) Space Buns: 

If dancing all night is your idea of celebrating New Year’s Eve, then you’ll definitely need a hairstyle that can withstand all the chaos. This hairstyle not just keeps the hair together but looks cute as well. 

Space Buns

6) Low Pony: 

Pony tail

Do you have extra-long tresses but don’t know how to flaunt them? Well, a voluminous ponytail is a great idea. This party look is so easy to create that you can literally do it from anywhere. 

All you need is a few staple hair tools including a curling wand, hair brush, funky hair tie, and some bobby pins. This chic ponytail can be your go-to look all through 2023 because it’s definitely here to stay. Plus, it doesn’t mess up your hair in any way. 

7) Crown Braid: 

If you are feeling all fashionable this New Year, try out a crown braid. It’s not just a great way to flaunt your braiding skills but also gives you a chance to show off your lustrous locks. 

crown braid

It’s perfect for any party and you’re sure to garner plenty of compliments. Crown braids work equally well on women with short or curly tresses. 

8) Messy Bun with Bangs: 

If you are looking to spend New Year’s Eve with a more chilled-out and laidback vibe, nothing works better than a messy bun. It looks great if you’re entertaining at home. The simple yet stylish bun looks adorable on all face cuts and goes with any outfit.

The best way to make a messy bun standout is to blow dry your locks and put it up in a messy bun while leaving the front bangs to lose. Wear a cute hair clip to make them look cute.

Messy Bun with Bangs

9) Half-up Bun: 

Most of us are familiar with this hairstyle as we all wear it while running household chores. 

While we all love throwing our hair into a messy half-bun, put some precision into it if you’re trying it with your New Year’s Eve look.

This hairstyle looks great if you’re stepping out for a NYE party with a fun vibe. If your outfit is biker-girl inspired, this half-bun looks great. However, make sure to spray some setting spray on the bun so that it just doesn’t roll down. This half-hybrid hairstyle always looks cute and chic. 

Half-up Bun

10) Chignon: 

We’ve often seen chignon hairstyles on bridesmaids and brides. However, this elegant hairstyle is perfect for a classy New Year’s Eve party too. It’s great especially if you are ringing in 2023

with your partner or loved one. Flat iron your tresses and you’ll be instantly ready with a sleek evening look. If you’re feeling pretty, you can also enhance the bun with a few baby’s-breath flowers. 


We’re pretty sure we’ve given you tons of inspiration for your New Year’s Eve party hairstyle. If you can’t execute these hairstyles yourself, you can always drop into a salon and the hairdressers will happily do it for you.

If you have any other elegant yet cute hairstyles in mind, we’re more than happy to know. 

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