Creative Women’s Day Marketing Ideas For Your Salon

Women’s Day Marketing campaign is important at the time of International Women’s Day, 8th March is a great time for salons and spas to connect with female counterparts, who are the largest segment of customers in the beauty business. The occasion is celebrated around the world to recognize the social, political, and cultural achievements of women. This day also brings to the forefront key issues such as gender parity and women empowerment.

To this day, being a woman is celebrated and hence women everywhere love pampering themselves. If you want to throw your salon in good light and attract a large number of customers, you must capitalize on occasions like these. Besides building brand recognition, it can also boost revenue for your business.

When you are shaping a Women’s Day Marketing, always remember that it is important to make them feel special. You could also transform the one-day celebration into a Women’s week and run promotions from 1st March to 8th March. Running different discounts and promotions every day can truly give you more bang for your buck.

We’ve Come Up With Some Tried And Tested Strategies:

1. Choose A Theme:

Even before creating a marketing campaign, it is important to choose a theme that will truly celebrate women. Always remember to choose something that will resonate with your brand objective and values. Since hashtags are extremely popular today with the younger generation, you could have one for your campaign. Examples include #CelebrateYou, #PamperTheDiva, and #CelebratingSheroes etc. Based on your theme, you can decorate your salon so that it truly makes your clients feel special and cared for.

2. Discounted Services:

The best way to get clients through the door all through #WomensWeek is by slashing the price of your services. Don’t slash it so much also that you end up in a loss. Do it tactfully and give your clients more value for what they’re paying for. Three for the price of two is a great offer to run. Everyone likes the sound of the complimentary service. Thus, if you have a client coming in for a manicure and pedicure, offer a third service. You could create a tent card that aptly describes the third service customers can avail of. Include about four options and give the client the freedom to choose. It doesn’t have to be something fancy. Even something basic can do wonders for your brand.

3. Launch An Email Marketing Campaign:

How would your clients know that you are running a promotion if you don’t tell them? While you can use social media to your advantage, what do you do about the clients who aren’t on them? Thus, create an email marketing campaign. Get your designer to create an attractive creative that aptly describes your theme and the promotions you’re running. Put your salon software to use and segregate your male and female clients. You could also browse through client history and check preferences. This is a great way to personalize your marketing campaigns. In your email, make sure to include all the details about the offers and events lined up for International Women’s Day. Once you’ve sent it out to your clients, you can also track responses and generate reports on MioSalon, salon management software.

4. Giveaways:

Every woman loves being pampered. Put your marketing budget to use and invest in giveaways. Again, they don’t have to be expensive. You could just create a small little goody bag with knick-knacks such as chocolates, pens, notepads, and beauty products. You could also tie up with local businesses such as florists, to run a mutually-beneficial promotion. You can promote your Giveaway through social media.

5. Create Unity Among Employees:

Women’s Day is not just for your female clients, but for your female employees too. Add to the beauty of the celebration by asking your staff to come dressed in purple on this special day. Purple is the color associated with International Women’s Day as it signifies unity amongst women. Take pictures of them and post them on your social media handles. Use popularly searched hashtags to show the world that you truly care about women’s empowerment.

6. Organize A Client Evening:

Another way to celebrate women is by hosting an evening of fun and games for the highest spenders in your salon. A lady’s evening is a great opportunity to reconnect with clients you haven’t seen in a while. To make the event a success you could –decorate your salon with balloons, organize short eats, serve a glass of sangria on the house, organize dance lessons, offer free foot massage, and more. You can also create a selfie wall for clients to pose and take pictures. When clients post these pictures on Instagram and Facebook, your salon gains more visibility. You could also incentivize customers with free service by asking them to do something for you. The guidelines can be as follows:

➢ Follow <salonname> on Instagram

➢ Post a picture of you in our salon and hashtag it with <yourhashtag>

➢ Tag a friend!

➢ Get a discount on your next service or a freebie

Studies reveal that clients love receiving free products. In the quest of marketing to them, you’ll end up getting more followers on your social media handles and increase your web presence.

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7. Gift Cards:

Maximum salon and spa gift cards sell out on Women’s Day. Men look to pamper the leading ladies in their life with a gift coupon. Make a mention on social media that you will be selling gift cards. Gift card creation, sale, and redemption are extremely simple with MioSalon, spa software. If you want your gift certificates to sell out like hot cakes, place them at your reception counter so that clients can glance at them during checkout and promote them in your store window. Also, make them available online for any last-minute Women’s Day shoppers.

To increase the overall bottom line of your salon, the productivity of your stylists, and the frequency of visits by your clients, it is important to take advantage of events like these.

Here’s a quick 7-step Women’s Day marketing action plan that your salon or spa can follow:

1. Decide a theme and create marketing materials

2. Start promoting your Women’s Day specials one week before

3. Promote on your website and social media accounts

4. Setup automated email marketing campaigns on MioSalon

5. Run a report to check which clients purchase gift cards frequently and send out targeted emails

6. Keep track of your Women’s Day marketing campaigns and analyze what worked and what didn’t to drive even more revenue next year

7. Send out thank you notes to clients who came by during your Women’s Week and ask them to share their feedback on your salon software

This International Women’s Day makes the most of your salon and spa potential by incorporating MioSalon, salon, and spa software. Here’s your chance to celebrate every strong woman.

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