Fun Fridays – Story Cooking

With the commencement of 2021, we’ve incorporated new goals and a few changes to the way we work.

One of the prominent recurring events is Fun Fridays. Every Friday, one work hour is allocated to Fun Fridays and it’s a total of time devoted to fun activities. It’s a no-work zone.

The entire team is encouraged to participate in the event to celebrate and make their weekend light.

Here is one of the Fun Friday events from  January

Game: “Story Cooking “

The coordinators will write multiple words on paper and have to place the folded papers inside a bowl. For e.g. Write words like Black, umbrella, rain, June, etc. on a separate piece of paper and fold it.

Everyone has to pick 5 chits from the bowl.

Each person has to use all the 5 words in their selected chits and has to come up with a creative story.

The Person who cooks a tasty story with the 5 mandatory words is the winner.

Everyone came up with a different story. Here are Swami and Arun, on their quest to cook the best story

And,  here’s an excerpt from one of the finest cooked stories:

Vishal got these 5 chits: Ice cream, Juice, Sea, Baby, and Sweater.

He took a minute to find the secret ingredients for his story and came up with this.

I work for an Ice Cream company. My job is to taste and review each & every ice cream flavor they manufacture. It’s nothing less than a dream job. I liked it very much; I mean,  who doesn’t like to taste 100 different ice creams per day and get paid for it.

Although the job nature is repetitive and monotonous, I liked it because I get to taste different ice creams every day.

Recently, our company started manufacturing Juices and I was shifted to this new team. Although I’m still the Quality Assurance Officer, the psychological jump from ice creams to juices, wasn’t easier for me to get through it. My taste buds weren’t adaptive to juices.

All my life, I’ve been living with ice creams and now, I was told it’s no more. It was tough mate, like really tough. I got depressed. I didn’t like my job anymore.

My company realized this and they offered me a trip to ease my mind. I had to travel via sea. I still couldn’t get the idea of juices out of my mind. I kept staring at the sea for a very long time and the sea was terrible enough to pose like juice.

To overcome my fear of thought, I jumped into the sea on impulse.

I started swimming deeper into the sea to find a baby. Ah, here we go, I brought the baby out of the sea and named him Aqua Man.

I took him home and gave him complete love and affection. He was sweet and gave me a completely new perspective on life.

I fed him ice creams and juices all the time, and eventually, he fell sick.

I took him to the Doc and found he caught a cold because of the weather condition.

I knitted him a sweater and a beanie all by myself.

One day, my company had an opening for an Intern position for Quality Assurance. I took my all-time-icecream-and-juice-eating son and he was taken in.

And  that’s how, ladies & gentlemen, Aqua Man and I lived happily eating ice creams & juices

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