How Do Prepaid Reminders Increase Client Loyalty?

When it comes to running a successful business, one of the most important goals is to keep clients coming back. Among the various ways to achieve this in the wellness industry is the Prepaid program, which is one of the most effective approaches. In this case, clients pay and purchase this prepaid wallet in advance and get bonus value added to their prepaid balance. This prepaid value can be used for services and products that benefit both clients and owners alike. 

But here’s the challenge, How do you remind clients about their prepaid balance? 

Automated Prepaid Expiry Reminder!

With this, your clients can receive an automated alert message that notifies them of the prepaid balance and the expiration date. In this blog, we’ll delve into the importance of prepaid reminders, how salon software helps to achieve this, and how they enhance client retention.

What is a Prepaid Reminder?

A prepaid reminder is a message that notifies clients about their remaining prepaid balance and its expiration date, enabling them to utilize it before it lapses These alerts can be sent via SMS, WhatsApp, or Email.

What Major Challenge Do Salons Face Regarding Prepaid Reminders?

  1. Unutilized Prepaid Balances

When a valued client purchases a prepaid wallet but forgets to use it before it expires, it’s frustrating for both the client and the salon. In this scenario, not only does the client fail to utilize the balance amount, but the salon also tends to lose potential clients.

  1. Lack of Transparency

When a client feels it is difficult to access their prepaid balance, they might mistakenly assume that their prepaid wallet is empty, causing them to overlook using their prepaid amount. In that case, without transparency, the salon may lose potential clients when the client figures out that their prepaid balance is still available before its expiration date.

How Do Prepaid Expiry Reminders Address These Challenges?

With salon management software like MioSalon, sending an automated, timely message to inform clients about their prepaid wallet before it expires via SMS, WhatsApp and Email bridges this gap. This proactive approach keeps clients engaged, encourages them to utilize their balance, and reinforces their trust in the brand. 

Benefits of Prepaid Reminders

Here are the top 3 benefits of using the prepaid reminder in MioSalon :

  1. Reminder Interval Types

The Prepaid Reminder feature offers you the flexibility to choose between two effective reminder options:

  • Fixed Interval 

In the fixed interval, reminders will be automatically sent according to the predefined count at consistent intervals before the prepaid expires. For example, you can schedule 4 reminders at 7-day intervals before the prepaid wallet reaches its expiry date.

  • Custom Interval

In the custom interval, you can define the number of reminders to be sent and the interval between each reminder before the prepaid expires. For example, you can set reminders at intervals of 30 days, 15 days and 7 days prior to the prepaid expiry.

  1. Optimized Service Utilization 

Prepaid reminders can significantly reduce the likelihood of unused prepaid balances among your clients. These reminders enable your clients to make the most of their prepaid wallet before it expires.

  1. Enhanced Client Loyalty

By sending personalized reminders before prepaid balance expiry, you can showcase your dedication to client needs, increase trust, enhance loyalty and boost client retention.

Sample Prepaid Reminder SMS Template

Your Prepaid Expires!

Dear Client, Your prepaid balance is expiring soon. Use the balance of $40 before 30 Jul 20xx at Nature Salon and Spa, Oregon. -WAFFOR

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In conclusion, the prepaid reminder plays an important role in the client retention strategy. While attracting clients for their initial visit to your salon might be achievable, converting them into returning clients is a distinct challenge. That’s where prepaid wallet program comes in. Yet, with busy schedules, clients often overlook the balances in their prepaid wallets, but reminding them before these balances expire serves as a crucial step. With the right salon management software, you can easily setup reminders to notify clients to fully utilize these funds for services and products. This approach contributes significantly to sustaining long-term client relationships and business success.

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