Migrating Data to Mio-Salon: Simplified Process for Salons & Spas

If you are looking forward to moving to the new Spa software or salon management software from another one, then the most important question in your mind will be “How to migrate the data into the new software?” like every other salon/spa owners.

We have interacted with hundreds of business heads and managers and this is one of the last, but most important concern. So we made migrating the master data to MioSalon as simple as possible.

I just wanted to share an overview on how this works and how quickly you can to go-live.

1. How can I put my data into the new software?

First, download the XLS templates (Settings -> Bulk Data Upload). If you are using a software already, you can just take export the data into an excel (XLS) sheet. Then, you need to just copy and paste data into those MioSalon templates and upload it into MioSalon.

2. What kind of data can I import upon?

Almost all your master data can be get migrated into MioSalon by yourself. Master data is nothing but  

Also, you can upload Gift Vouchers and Prepaid/eWallet balance value as well. This makes you start your salon’s scheduling and billing in the new software without any hiccups.

3. How much time does it take to import and set it up?

If your data is readily available in an excel file format, it hardly takes anywhere between 30-45 minutes to get it imported and complete the store setup. All you need to do is get your master data ready by fetching it from your old software if you are using another software or prepare it yourself if yours is a new salon or spa.

4. Whether I should share the data with support executives to upload?

Absolutely not. Your data is your asset and you need not get it shared with our executives. We made it quite simple so that as an admin you can get them uploaded yourself.

Moreover, Waffor has a clear “Privacy Policy” and we don’t use the data for any other unscrupulous activities. Also, we do not keep holding your data to hook you. As an owner of the data, you can export and take the backup whenever you want in a secure way.

Still, you have more questions, you can write to us sales@waffor.com. Happy to assist you!

Note: We have recently launched a new tool “Data Migration Mapping” (Settings-> Data Migration Mapping) using which you can directly import data from your XLS file without using our template

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