5 Promotional Emails You Need To Send Your Spa Clients

Quite often people indulge in a spa session to escape from the stresses of contemporary life. This has been true throughout human history. A visit to a spa after a long tiring day is downright therapeutic. While you want your customers to visit your spa, it’s not just you screaming for attention. For a client to actually visit your spa, you must go a step further and offer them an amazing time. The whole experience from the beginning to the end is important. This includes the first time they hear about your spa and encounters on your social media pages. The way you present your spa has a direct impact on the number of customers that will schedule appointments on your spa software.

If you really want to succeed, it is important to communicate with your clients outside of sessions. This helps you improve accountability and client retention. We’re not asking you to call your clients on a regular basis. Sending weekly emails can make all the difference. A study reveals that clients who are actually interested in your services love receiving emails from you. Email marketing is a great way to attract potential clients to your business. Only when you keep your clients engaged you can fuel growth for your business. Emails also help you add a personal touch to your marketing efforts. Once you have sufficient client email addresses in your spa software, it’s time to get started.

5 Promotional Emails Examples you should be sending out to your clients:

1. The welcome/introduction mail

It’s a normal day at work, and suddenly you see a notification pop on your spa software. You see a new client has scheduled an appointment. While getting excited is a natural response, you must make sure to start off the relationship right. Sending your new clients a “welcome to our spa” email is a great way to break the ice. Spa service is something very personal, and in order to give your clients a top-notch experience, you need to make sure they get comfortable with you. It is only when you make efforts to get involved with them is when they truly feel cared for. Use this as an opportunity to introduce yourself to your subscribers. Tell them your role in the business, and take them through the different services your spa has to offer. You should talk about how your services can improve their well-being. You can also add a picture to make your communication look more inviting.

2. The promotional email

When you are running a promotion or discount in your spa, it’s obvious that you will want as many people to avail of the benefits. What better way to keep your clients abreast of the happenings in your spa than email? Using your email list is a great place to start. Everyone loves a good deal. Therefore, send out promotional emails with these promotional emails examples to new and old clients. Your email can include a brief about the promotion, why you’re running it, and how a client can avail of the offer. Make sure to mention all the details, and terms and conditions. Giving your clients insufficient details can make them feel frustrated when they land up for the service. If there’s a catch to the promotion you are running, make sure to mention that T&C applies. Also, create a sense of urgency. Unless you urge the customers to avail of the offer, they won’t. Tell them the duration of the offer too.

3. The newsletter email

When you are in the spa business, it is very important to keep your customers informed about your existence. Not staying in touch with your clients can result in your clients forgetting about you. The best way to improve brand awareness and build a relationship with your core audience is by sending regular newsletter emails. Whether you wish to inform customers about company news or simply share the industry trends and tips, newsletters are a great way to achieve your objective. However, don’t have long format newsletters. Instead, it should be broken into short, digestible sections of content, images, and a call to action. You can also segment your customers on your spa software and send newsletters to an audience that will actually be interested in reading them. For example, if you are running a discount on body wraps and massages, send the email to only that section of the audience that visits your spa to avail of the same service. Finding your ideal target audience is a must to make sure that your marketing works.

4. Thank you email:

Every time a client completes an appointment, send them a ‘thank you for visiting’ email. Show them your appreciation for their continued business. This is also a great way to build stronger relationships with them. Thank you letters can be used as an opportunity to promote a referral program, you can do this with these promotional emails examples. While thanking them for their business, you can subtly include a point that talks about your referrals. Another instance when a spa should consider writing a thank you letter is when a client refers his/her friend. Tell them that you are grateful to them for referring their friend. Exhibiting such a kind of professionalism will make your clients want to return to your spa.

5. The ‘book again’ email:

This is one of the most important emails you must send your clients. Use this as an opportunity to communicate with clients you haven’t seen in a while. You can also include a special discount or promotion to entice them to take an appointment with your spa. Add a ‘book now button’ that would directly take them to the spa software to schedule an appointment. You can also combine a thank you and book again email. Asking your clients for feedback is also a good idea. This gives you a chance to evaluate where you stand and also helps you make improvements to your business.

Many spa owners have this pre-conceived notion that email marketing is dead. However, there’s very little truth in that statement. When done right with these promotional emails examples, email marketing has the ability to increase your bottom line like never before. The trick is to personalize your email communication. Send emails to customers based on their booking and purchase history and you’ll be able to strike the right chords. With MioSalon, spa software, you can seamlessly send your clients emails and monitor their responses. To subscribe, schedule a free demo 

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