Multi-location Management: MioSalon’s Powerful SMS and WhatsApp Messaging

Managing multiple salon locations can be challenging, particularly when it comes to effectively allocating and utilizing SMS and WhatsApp credits. To address these obstacles, MioSalon introduces its Simplified SMS and WhatsApp recharge feature, specifically designed to streamline multi-location management. This game-changing solution revolutionizes the way salon owners handle messaging services, maximizing efficiency and unleashing the full potential of their business.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the benefits of each recharge option, helping you make the right choice based on your specific requirements. Whether you’re a brand owner seeking centralized control or a salon owner looking for independent handling, we’ve got you covered.

Major Challenge Faced by Salons

Lack of Autonomy

Franchise owners or individual location owners face the challenge of limited independence when it comes to recharging credits. They rely on brand owners for the process, which restricts their ability to make timely decisions.

Fixed Cost Burden

Franchises, regardless of their popularity or success, are required to pay the same amount to the brand owners for recharge. This lack of flexibility in cost allocation can pose financial challenges for franchises with varying levels of profitability.

Continuous Dependency

Depending on brand owners for recharge creates a continuous reliance on their support and availability. Franchise owners may experience delays in recharging, impacting their ability to effectively manage their messaging campaigns.

Levels of recharge

MioSalon provides two levels of recharge options:

  • Network Level recharge
  • Location Level recharge

Network Level Recharge:

In MioSalon, the Network Level recharge option allows salon owners or administrators to centrally recharge credits for the entire salon network. This ensures consistent communication resources that can be utilized by all locations within the network, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Benefits of Network Level Recharge:

By leveraging Network Level Recharge, brand owners can enjoy the benefits of centralized credit management, total control over messaging operations, and simplified reporting. They can efficiently maintain consistent SMS and WhatsApp recharge and credits across all their locations. This centralized approach ensures uniformity in messaging and allows for streamlined management of resources.

  • Centralized storage: Network Level Recharge provides a centralized spot for storing credits, saving time and ensuring efficient usage.
  • Total control: With credits deducted from the main admin account, you have complete control over messaging operations across all locations.
  • Simplified reporting: The need for viewing reports at each location level is eliminated, streamlining the process and reducing complexity. 

Location Level Recharge:

The Location Level option empowers franchises to independently handle their SMS and WhatsApp recharges and credits based on their specific needs. This level of autonomy allows for the customization and tailoring of messaging strategies at each individual location.

Benefits of Location Level Recharge

Location Level Recharge lets the salon owner or franchises customize their messaging strategies for each individual location, creating personalized experiences for local customers and allowing them to make informed decisions and optimize performance. The flexibility of Location Level Recharge allows owners to adapt to specific location needs, while localized marketing helps target customers effectively.

  • Customized messaging: Recharge credits specifically for your location, allowing for a localized 
  • Branch visibility: Easily view and manage different branches through reports, providing valuable insights and facilitating better decision-making.
  • Flexibility: Independent management of recharge processes for each location enables admins to adapt and cater to the unique needs of each location.

How to Enable SMS and WhatsApp Recharge for Multi-location Management in MioSalon:

To enable SMS and WhatsApp credits at different levels, follow these steps:

For SMS Recharge

  1. Navigate to MioSalon’s Multi-location Management menu.
  2. Access the settings and find the SMS Recharge option.
  3. Choose the appropriate option based on your needs:
    • Network Level: Select “Purchase Network Level” for centrally recharged SMS credits.
    • Location Level: Opt for “Purchase Location Level” for location-specific SMS credits.
  4. Monitor your available credits in the SMS Recharge menu.

For WhatsApp Recharge

  1. Go to MioSalon’s Multi-location Management menu.
  2. Locate the WhatsApp Recharge section within the settings.
  3. Select the relevant option according to your requirements:
    • Network Level: Choose “Purchase Network Level” for centrally recharged WhatsApp credits.
    • Location Level: Pick “Purchase Location Level” for location-specific WhatsApp credits.
  4. Keep track of your available credits in the WhatsApp Recharge menu.


In conclusion, MioSalon Simplified SMS and WhatsApp recharge feature provide salon owners to effectively manage their multiple locations. The Network Level recharge offers centralized control, ensuring consistent messaging across all locations and the Location Level recharge empowers salon owners to independently handle their SMS and WhatsApp credits, allowing tailored solutions to each location.  With this feature, salons can enhance their operational efficiency and deliver a superior customer experience across all locations.

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