Securing Your Salon Wallet: The Power of OTP in Protecting Client Credits


In an increasingly digital world, the salon industry is embracing innovative solutions that not only boost operational efficiency but also ensure an enhanced customer experience. One such feature is client credits, or prepaid e-wallet balances that clients can use for their salon services. While convenient, it’s essential to protect these credits from potential security threats. Enter the power of One-Time Passwords (OTP) – a reliable measure to secure client credits during redemption.

Understanding Client Credits

Client credits function as a digital wallet where customers can preload funds to pay for future salon services. It offers convenience for customers and guarantees revenue for the salon, as these credits are often non-refundable. They’re an effective way to build customer loyalty and streamline the payment process. However, their digital nature also makes them vulnerable to threats, necessitating robust protection.

The Threat to Client Credits

Client credits face several potential threats:

  • Unauthorized Access: Unauthorized individuals may access a customer’s account and redeem credits.
  • Expired Balance Exploitation: Staff misuses expired prepaid balances, pocketing payments from unsuspecting clients.
  • Dormant Credit Misuse: Staff fraudulently uses dormant client credits, siphoning off current client payments.

Enter OTP – The Protector

One-Time Password (OTP) serves as a dynamic and robust security layer for safeguarding client credits. When a client attempts to use their credits, an OTP is sent to their registered mobile number or email. The client must enter this OTP to authorize the transaction, ensuring that only they can redeem their credits.

How OTP Works

  1. When a client opts to use their credits for a service, the salon’s system triggers an OTP.
  2. The OTP, a unique string of numeric or alphanumeric characters, is sent to the client’s registered mobile number or email.
  3. The client inputs the OTP to confirm the transaction.
  4. If the OTP matches, the transaction is approved; if not, the transaction is denied.

Benefits of Using OTP for Credit Security

  • Increased Security: OTPs provide an additional layer of security to protect client credits.
  • Prevent Fraud: They help to prevent unauthorized access and fraudulent transactions.
  • Enhance Customer Trust: OTPs assure customers that their credits are safe, thus enhancing their trust in your salon.

Implementing OTP in Your Salon Business

  1. Sign up with MioSalon: MioSalon provides an integrated solution for OTP management. Start by setting up your salon business on the platform.
  2. Configure OTP settings: The platform offers an out-of-the-box feature for sending automated OTPs via SMS, WhatsApp, or Email. Set your preferred communication channel.
  3. Customer initiates a transaction: When a client chooses to pay their salon invoice using their prepaid balance, the system triggers an OTP.
  4. OTP dispatch: The system sends an instant OTP notification to the registered contact details of the client.
  5. Customer shares OTP: Upon receiving the OTP, the client shares it with the front desk to authorize the transaction.
  6. Payment and Notification: After successful redemption, the client will receive a notification detailing the remaining balance and the expiry date of the available balance.

With MioSalon, the process of securing prepaid balances using OTP becomes secure, seamless, and smooth.


In an era where digital threats are a reality, securing your clients’ prepaid balances is a necessity. By leveraging OTPs, you can provide an extra layer of security to your clients while improving their overall experience. By choosing a comprehensive solution like MioSalon, you can seamlessly integrate this feature into your business operations.

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