Tips & tricks to grow your salon and spa business with gift vouchers

Gifts—thinking of them brings a smile and joy.

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People always love to receive compliments from friends, family, or even business. Gifting attracts, engages and delights everyone. But for business, it is one of the important strategies to increase sales and enhance profits. 

Research shows that nearly 70% of gift voucher users spend over the voucher’s value, with at least a 20% additional spend. 

Beauty and wellness industries like salons, spas, hair salons, tattoo, massage centers and other industries gain more profits by offering gift vouchers to new and existing clients. It is one of the key marketing strategies to increase revenue and client engagement. Managing these gift cards and vouchers is easy with salon and spa management software whether centrally or independently. Clients can easily purchase gift vouchers directly or online and redeem them without any hassles. 

In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into some of the tips and tricks to grow your salon and spa business with gift vouchers.

Tips & tricks to grow your business with gift vouchers

Gift vouchers don’t sell themselves; you need to promote them. Here are some practical tips to boost gift voucher sales in your salons and spas.

  1. Actively sell gift vouchers
  2. Offer free gift vouchers
  3. Promote gift vouchers online
  4. Run a marketing campaign
  5. Partial Redemption of gift vouchers

Actively sell gift vouchers

Sell customized gift vouchers directly on your website, online booking portal and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. When a client purchases a gift card, he/she can customize the voucher value based on their preferences and budget. Not every client wants to go with the voucher value and redemption item that you wish. They want their preferences to be at the top, so allowing personalization during checkout, allows clients to come back for more gift voucher purchases. 

Offer free gift vouchers

Always keep one thing in mind, you can’t sell gift vouchers so easily. People always tend to have some benefits. Offering gift vouchers free for special occasions, birthdays or anniversaries makes client feel special and let them convenience themself for more spending on your salon or spa business. This not only makes them feel special but also increases client retention and attracts new clients.

Promote gift vouchers

Social media is one of the greatest awareness creating platforms in this digital era. Create a complete marketing strategy to promote your gift vouchers. Gift vouchers play an important role for the more reserved person. They were not interested in everything but they were crazy about something. Promoting these gift vouchers even helps them or their loved ones purchase gifts for themselves. So it is important to plan and post regularly about gift vouchers across all your social media platforms.

Run a marketing campaign

After promoting gift voucher sales online, you can easily run a marketing campaign for your existing clients. With gift voucher features in the software, you can easily create gift vouchers based on customer segmentation and preferences and automate the campaigns for your target audience via WhatsApp, SMS or Email.

SMS Template

Dear Reena,

Give the gift of luxury! Purchase a customizable gift card today and treat your loved ones to unforgettable spa experiences. Limited-time offer: get extra value on every gift card purchase!


Nature salon and spa.

salon and spa management software

Partial Redemption of gift vouchers

Make client visit more than one time with partial redemption of gift voucher option during checkout. Let the client book multiple sessions or purchases with voucher value before it expires. Also, you can extend the expiry date for special cases to retain clients and increase loyalty. 

Wrapping up

Owners and managers everywhere use gift cards to raise brand awareness and boost sales and productivity. If you are running a salon or spa business, you can offer gift vouchers to your loyal clients or let them purchase them for their loved ones. With salon and spa management software, you can easily create and sell gift vouchers directly from your website and allow your clients to redeem them during the checkout process. Also, send automated reminders to your clients before the expiry of gift vouchers, which builds client trust in your business. This not only makes them feel special but also increases client retention and attracts new clients.

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