12 Client Text Messages You Must Automate on Your Salon & Spa Software

Efficient client communication is essential for the growth of salon businesses. However, handling it manually can be excessively time-consuming. This is where salon management software with SMS text messaging capabilities comes into play, automating the entire process. In this comprehensive blog, we will delve into the automation of 12 client text messages and explore how salon software, equipped with SMS messages, simplifies and enhances the client experience. 

Salon Client Text Messages

What Is Text Message Automation? 

Text message automation allows you to pre-schedule messages to be sent automatically at specific times or when particular conditions are fulfilled. These messages can be directed to an individual or a group of recipients.

Challenges faced by the salon owners by sending the client text messages

Here are some challenges faced by salon owners when sending clients text messages

  • Time-Consuming Manual Messaging: Sending individual text messages to clients is a tedious process, taking up valuable time that could be spent on other essential tasks.
  • Human Error: Manual messaging increases the likelihood of errors, such as sending messages to the wrong clients or at the wrong times, which can negatively impact client relationships.
  • Inconsistent Communication: Without automation, it’s challenging to maintain consistent communication with clients, leading to missed opportunities for appointment reminders, promotions, and updates.
  • Limited Personalization: Personalizing messages for each client manually can be difficult, resulting in generic messages that don’t resonate with individual preferences.
  • Appointment Scheduling Conflicts: Managing appointments and sending confirmations manually can lead to scheduling conflicts, no-shows, and client dissatisfaction.
  • Scalability Issues: As a salon’s client base grows, manual messaging becomes even more impractical, making it harder to maintain client satisfaction
  • Resource Drain: The time and effort required for manual messaging can strain salon resources, affecting overall efficiency and profitability.

Benefits of Automated Client Text Messages

The top six benefits of automated text messages for clients

  • Better Communication: Stay in touch with clients consistently and on time, building stronger relationships and keeping them informed.
  • Personal Touch: Customize messages to match client likes and dislikes, giving them a special and relevant experience.
  • Happy Clients: Improve the client experience by sharing useful info and exclusive deals through automated texts.
  • Budget-Friendly: Save money on printed materials and time-consuming outreach, making automated texts a cost-effective choice.
  • More Appointments: Remind clients about upcoming bookings and offer easy booking options, leading to more frequent appointments

12 Client Text Messages You Must Automate on Your Salon & Spa Software

Here’s a list of 12 SMS marketing templates that let you communicate with clients automatically and build your salon or spa business. 

1. Appointment Reminders

Automated appointment reminders are sent to the client before the appointment to make sure that they will never miss an appointment.

Importance of appointment reminder messages

  • Minimizes No-Shows: Automated reminders significantly reduce the likelihood of clients forgetting or missing their appointments, leading to better attendance rates.
  • Enhances Efficiency: Streamlining reminder communications through automation saves time for both staff and clients, optimizing scheduling operations.
  • Improves client Satisfaction: Clients appreciate being kept informed, which boosts their trust in the salon’s professionalism and dedication to their experience.

Sample Message

Hi Catalina! 

Your appointment for a haircut at Nature Salon Spa is only 4 days away on May 10th, 20XX, at 10:00 AM. -WAFFOR

2. New Appointment Confirmation

Confirming appointments is vital for client assurance. Provide details like date, time, venue, and the assigned stylist.

Importance of the new appointment confirmation message:

  • Ensures Clarity: Confirmation messages provide clients with essential appointment details, minimizing confusion and ensuring they have the correct information.
  • Builds Trust and Reliability: Proactive confirmation demonstrates the salon’s commitment to honoring appointments and fosters trust between the salon and its clients.
  • Reduces Anxiety: Receiving a confirmation alleviates clients’ concerns about whether their booking has been successfully received, contributing to a positive client experience.

Sample Message

Dear John, 

your appointment on May 18th, 20XX, at 11:30 PM with Natural Salon and Spa, Oregon is confirmed. -WAFFOR

3. Appointment Cancellation

Automated cancellation messages keep clients informed about any changes to their appointments.

Importance of the appointment cancellation message:

  • Timely Communication: Automated cancellation messages promptly notify clients about scheduling changes, allowing them to adjust their plans accordingly.
  • Maintains Transparency: Informing clients of cancellations demonstrates transparency and respect for their time, preserving the salon’s professional reputation.
  • Minimizes Inconvenience: Clients appreciate being informed in advance, minimizing any inconvenience caused by last-minute cancellations and showcasing the salon’s client-centric approach.

Sample Message

Dear Rita,

Your appointment with Natural Salon and Spa, Oregon on Aug 20th, 20XX, at 08.30 PM has been canceled. – WAFFOR

Sample reminder screenshot

4. Appointment Reschedule

Clients need to be promptly informed about any appointment rescheduling to avoid confusion.

Importance of the appointment reschedule message:

  • Prevents Confusion: Timely sending appointment rescheduling notifications prevents clients from showing up at the wrong time, avoiding confusion and frustration.
  • Enhances Client Experience: Proactively notifying clients about rescheduled appointments showcases the salon’s commitment to delivering a smooth and hassle-free experience.
  • Builds Loyalty: Clear communication about rescheduling fosters client loyalty by demonstrating that the salon values their time and needs.

Sample Message

Dear Emily, Your appointment has been rescheduled for Aug 20th, 2:30 PM, with Natural Salon and Spa, Oregon. -WAFFOR

5. Feedback Request

Collecting feedback is important for continual improvement. Make it easy for clients to share their opinions.

Importance of the feedback request message:

  • Continuous Improvement: Collecting feedback enables the salon to continuously improve its services based on valuable insights from clients.
  • Enhances Client Engagement: Requesting feedback shows that the salon values clients’ opinions, fostering a sense of involvement and connection.
  • Drives Quality: Addressing feedback leads to higher service quality, improved client satisfaction, and an overall better salon experience.

Sample Message

Hi Emma,

We care about your experience at Natural Salon and Spa, Oregon! Please share your feedback with us:  https://goo.gl/RNm2ap – WAFFOR

6. Digital Invoice – Receipt Message  

Provide paperless invoices and digital receipts to enhance client loyalty and convenience.

Importance  of   Digital Invoice – Receipt Message

  • Convenience for Clients: Digital invoices and receipts offer clients easy access to transaction details, rewards, and booking options, enhancing their convenience.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Going paperless aligns with sustainable practices, showcasing the salon’s commitment to reducing its ecological footprint.
  • Streamlines Transactions: Digital records simplify administrative processes, making it easier to manage client accounts and loyalty programs.

Sample Message

Hello Dave, Thank you for your visit at Natural Salon and Spa, Oregon. Your bill is $25, and your prepaid balance is $100. View your invoice here https://goo.gl/RNm2ap – WAFFOR

7. Discount coupon message:

An automated discount coupon message will be sent to the client, including the coupon code, validity, and discount information.

Importance of discount coupon messages:

  • Budget-Friendly Beauty: Coupons make premium salon services accessible to everyone, promoting affordability.
  • Loyal Clients: Offering discounts strengthens client relationships and encourages repeat visits.
  • Attracting New Faces: Coupons entice new clients to experience your salon’s expertise.

Sample Message

Hey Dave!

Enjoy a discount worth $500 on your next visit to the Naturals salon and spa.

Share the code XYZSER12 at the bill counter during checkout. Your discount coupon expires on Jun 14th 20XX. Terms & Conditions Apply. – WAFFOR

8. Prepaid Redemption OTP Message to Client

Instantly send an OTP (One-Time Password) message to facilitate the redemption of prepaid services.

Importance of the prepaid redemption message

  • Enhanced Security: The use of OTP (One-Time Password) verification adds a level of assurance, reducing the risk of fraud or misuse.
  • Convenience: These messages offer clients a convenient way to redeem their prepaid services. Clients can easily access the OTP and use it during their salon visits without the need for physical vouchers or paperwork. 
  • Real-time Transactions: Prepaid redemption messages facilitate real-time transactions. Clients receive the OTP instantly, allowing them to use their prepaid services immediately. 

Sample Message

Dear Dave, The one-time password (OTP) for your prepaid redemption is 987476. If you did not initiate this redemption, contact 9600105247 immediately for further assistance. – WAFFOR

9. Personal Greetings

Sending customized birthday and anniversary wishes to your clients will help build a special and personal connection.

Importance of personal greeting message 

  • Builds Emotional Connection: Personalized birthday greetings create a strong emotional bond between the salon and the client, enhancing the overall client experience.
  • Fosters Loyalty: Birthday offers and discounts incentivize clients to celebrate with the salon, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.
  • Differentiates the Salon: Personalized interactions set the salon apart, making clients feel valued and appreciated in a competitive market.

Sample Message

Hi Emily, Happy Birthday! Enjoy a 15% discount on any spa service this month Natural Salon and Spa, Oregon. Use code ‘BDAYSPA15’ when booking. – WAFFOR

Reminder with days interval

10. Service-Specific Automated Reminders

Send automated reminders for specific services to retain clients.

Importance of service-specific automated reminders 

  • Tailored Client Experience: Service-specific reminders acknowledge individual preferences, showing that the salon understands and values each client’s needs.
  • Drives Repeat Business: Timely reminders for preferred services encourage clients to book again, increasing their frequency of visits.
  • Enhances Retention: Consistently delivering reminders for services clients enjoy cultivates loyalty, reducing the likelihood of them seeking alternatives elsewhere.

Sample Message

Dear Dave, We are happy to remind you. It’s time for your haircut at Nature Salon and Spa. For an appointment, call us at 9361462791. – WAFFOR

11. Recurring  appointment message 

Recurring appointments, in essence, are pre-scheduled appointments that repeat at specific intervals. Instead of making your clients call every time they want a service, these appointments are automatically scheduled in advance, ensuring a smooth and convenient salon experience for them.

 Importance of Recurring Appointments 

  • Convenience for Clients: Recurring appointments ensure your clients never miss their preferred time slots, keeping their beauty routines on track. 
  • Consistent Revenue: From the salon’s perspective, recurring appointments are a predictable source of income. You can better plan your schedule, allocate resources efficiently, and minimize downtime.
  • Client Loyalty: When clients know they have a reserved spot just for them, it fosters a sense of belonging and loyalty. They’re more likely to stick with your salon rather than explore other options.

Sample Message

Hey Naveen,

Your recurring appointment for Swedish Massage therapy at Natural Salon and Spa, Oregon is confirmed. This appointment consists of 4 sessions, starting on July 28, 20XX, at 5:30 PM. – WAFFOR

12. Low-business/ low-peak hours offers

Generally, the weekdays are always less filled compared to weekends. You can set up offers with a good discount to fill the floor during the low-business/ low-peak hours, so your resources, like staff hours, rooms, equipment, etc., are utilized efficiently.

Importance of Low-business/low-peak hours offers:

  • Resource Optimization: Efficiently utilizing your salon’s resources is vital for maintaining profitability. During off-peak hours, your staff, rooms, equipment, and facilities often remain underutilized. Offers during these times can help fill these gaps, ensuring that your resources are put to good use.
  • Enhanced Revenue: By enticing clients to visit during low-traffic periods, you can increase your daily revenue. Even though you may be offering discounts, the incremental income generated during these hours can significantly impact your bottom line. 
  • Client Retention: Offering discounts or promotions during off-peak hours can encourage existing clients to visit your salon more frequently. It can also attract new clients who are price-conscious and willing to try your services during quieter times.

Sample Message


Make your Tuesday less boring. We are giving a 20% discount on all haircut services at Natural Salon and Spa, Oregon! – WAFFOR


In this blog, we’ve shown you how 12 automated text messages can make this communication smooth and friendly. From reminding them of appointments to sending birthday wishes, these messages connect your salon with clients. They don’t just save time; they make clients feel valued and keep them coming back. By using automated text messages, you improve communication, personalize interactions, keep clients happy, save money, and get more bookings. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about making your salon brand clients remember and choose. So, don’t forget to automate these messages with salon software like Miosalon. In a world where people remember only a couple of brands, automation helps your salon stand out in clients’ minds. Start automating, and watch your salon thrive in the beauty industry.

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