Create Your Salon Email Marketing Campaign With These Templates

Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

With so many salons ruling the turf, it is obvious that marketing is important. While you may think your salon is the best in the industry, is it really the best? Having several clients walking in every day does speak volumes of your salon. However, are these clients giving you the revenue you need to generate? Are you able to get a complete bang for your buck? Most salons would answer NO. The reason behind this is that salons generally do not align their marketing campaigns with their brand objective.

While Facebook, Instagram, and word-of-mouth are popular tools to convert ‘once in a while’ clients to ‘loyal’ clients, they seldom work like they are supposed to. How about resorting to the old-school way of writing letters to your clients? We are referring to salon email marketing that has been around for decades. It may not be as glamorous as social media, but it works far better than any other salon marketing channel.

Biggies swear by it, and we cannot wait to take you through creating the perfect salon email marketing campaign. Most salons today refrain from sending out emails because they find the process of collecting email addresses from clients tedious. However, with hair salon software, creating an email database is much easier than you can think.

Wondering Where To Start? We’ll Tell You:

1. Collect Email Addresses At Every Chance

To start your salon’s email marketing, you need to have an extensive list of email addresses. Here are a few places you can get client email addresses:

➢ On your website – you can get clients to sign-up for your mailing list by luring them with exclusive offers, and hair and beauty tips.

➢ On your Facebook page

➢ Through your hair salon software–Each time a client makes a book through the software, make it mandatory for them to enter their email address.

➢ You can also check your salon register to check the email database of your old clients.

Once you have your database in place, you need to get started. A salon email newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with a client too. When done right, your occasional email will be able to make a client look forward to reading it. Your emails should have the power to be opened, read, and responded to by your existing as well as new clients.

To make sure your email newsletter stands out from the rest of the inbox, follow these tips:

2. You Must Have A Clear Purpose

Even before you start typing out the email, think about what you want to write. Is there a particular call to action you want your clients to take? For example, do you want a client to refer their friend for a service? Maybe you want them to avail of some exclusive offers or visit your salon for an upcoming event? Whatever be the intent, it should reflect in your email. Get straight to the point, and you’ll be able to grab their attention. Most salons send emails for three reasons –to keep clients up-to-date with recent trends, to promote special offers, and to keep subscribers involved and informed of their business.

3. Compelling Subject Lines

The subject line of your email decides whether it’s going to be opened and read or just thrown into the trash bin. Therefore, you need to think of strong subject lines. You must keep your email subject line brief but descriptive. Try to keep it within 50 characters. Here are a few examples of good subject lines for your salon newsletters:

➢ 20% off on all hair services – today only

➢ It’s that time of the year again – special offers inside

➢ Here’s your official invite to our upcoming event

➢ Refer a friend and get 10% off on these services

<Name of the client> have we told you how special you are?

These subject lines can really boost your email open rates. However, when writing subject lines, avoid the following:

➢ Exclamation marks

➢ The word ‘free’

➢ Cheesy choice of words

➢ Implausible claims

➢ Capital letters

Content is king: When your hair and beauty clients receive emails from you, they want to be educated, inspired, and amused. To do that, you need to provide them with content that is relevant and worth reading. Just bragging about your salon and its offers is going to bore the reader. You can shape your emails on the below ideas:

➢ Share professional hair and beauty tips

➢ Send out invitations to events you are hosting in your salon

➢ Salon information that is relevant – change in address, phone number, the opening of a new branch, etc.

➢ Announcement of a new line of retail products

➢ Promotions of the month –loyalty programs, referral programs, exclusive discounts

➢ Birthday marketing messages

You can also create templates on your hair salon software for each case so that when you actually have to send them out they are much easier. For effective communication, keep your words and sentences short. Keeping your email to the point and as concise as possible will definitely improve its open rate.

5. Visually Appealing:

While being a grammar Nazi when writing your emails is important; don’t miss out on making them visually stunning. Use images from your Instagram to make your emails look good. While you can always surf the net to get royalty-free images, try and use images of real clients. This increases your credibility. When we say use images, we don’t mean to overload them. Use one image per email. When choosing images for your salon email marketing campaign, keep the following points in mind:

➢ Images that have complementary colors to your branding

➢ Must be in harmony with the email’s message

➢ Always refresh visuals

➢ Images that have patterns work well

6. Call To Action:

When you send an email to a client, you’re not just doing it for the heck of it. Of course, there is an underlying intention. Thus, give the reader complete information on what they must do next. Including a call-to-action button is a must. You can include a:

Book an appointment tab that would direct readers to your hair salon software

➢ Rebooking link

➢ Button to buy a retail package, voucher, or product

➢ Respond with an information button that clients can use to confirm their presence for an event/appointment

7. Meaningful Emails:

Make your emails meaningful and personal by including the client’s name in the subject line. Maintain a proper tone throughout your email. Including contact information or an email signature towards the end shows consistency.

Following the above tips is the best way to create a salon email marketing campaign that will work. One issue most salons face is segmenting their list of emails. Typically speaking, all salons have four types of clients –men, women, younger groups, and older clients. Using MioSalon, hair salon software, you can sort people by their last visit. You can make separate emails for people who have visited you in the last six months or those in the last year. Sending out the same message to all the people in your email database can be confusing. Thus, make sure you are sending the right emails to the right people.

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