How to Use Business WhatsApp to Grow Your Salon and Spa?

The growth of salon and spa businesses opens up new opportunities for marketing. With the boom of social media, people have become more aware of self-grooming, beauty options, trial products and more. So it became more challenging for both customers and salons; customers have a lot to choose from and salons have a lot to compete with. With a limited budget and the need for easy engagement, it’s wise to invest your time in Business WhatsApp marketing. Leveraging salon and spa software with WhatsApp integration, you can easily schedule the marketing campaign. In this blog, we’ll explore how WhatsApp marketing helps you to engage your clients and keep them coming back for more visits.

Business WhatsApp Marketing

What is WhatsApp marketing?

WhatsApp marketing creates a conversation between businesses and customers. Companies use WhatsApp to send campaigns and transactional messages to engage customers, keep them reminding and have a quick conversation with them.

Why does WhatsApp marketing benefit more than SMS or email marketing?

One of the most important goals for a business is to reach the right audience. Now businesses are ready to invest a lot of money in marketing campaigns with the expectation of high reach and ROI. In this aspect, WhatsApp is an effective marketing partner. Here is a list of the three important details:

User Base – The volume of messages exchanged on WhatsApp is exceeding 100 billion daily. On average, people spend about 17.3 hours per month on WhatsApp. So user engagement and conversion are significantly higher in WhatsApp than any other channel.


High-open Rate – According to WhatsApp Business , the message open rate in WhatsApp is 98%, whereas the high rates from traditional channels like email and SMS is less than 21.33%.

Conversion Rate – The click-through rate in WhatsApp is around 15%, which clearly shows that the clients are interacting with promotional content and the conversion rate is 5% in WhatsApp.

How does business WhatsApp help salon and spa growth?

Talk in Real-time

You can advertise in multiple ways to engage an audience, but it never allows you to have two-way communication. With WhatsApp you can add static and dynamic buttons to initiate two-way communication with your clients. Even though you can automate responses, you can offer individual attention to each client, increase client experience and keep them coming back to your salon and spa.


Industries like hair salons, beauty salons, bridal salons, nail salons and more come up with many new styles, trendy ideas and successful treatments, that can be categorized into categories with different pricing and pictures. It allows businesses to showcase their services and products.


Bridal salons and beauty salons always have packages for special events and occasions. Send promotional campaigns to clients with discounts, free service or combo offers to make them come to your salon and spa. Selling packages with bundles of services and products allows clients to experience different services and keeps them coming back for multiple visits.

How to make business WhatsApp a high-converting marketing channel?

WhatsApp helps you maximize your marketing resources, facilitate two-way communication and increase conversion.

Advanced Technology

And by leveraging advanced WhatsApp integrated salon and spa software, you can directly connect your business WhatsApp with Facebook.

Customized Template

You can easily create personalized templates for marketing campaigns with WhatsApp to attract, engage and convert customers. Also, send campaigns with images, videos and texts to improve client engagement.

Actionable Buttons

Include actionable buttons like chat or call us to initiate a conversation with your clients. 

Hi [customer name],

Thank you for being a loyal customer! We really enjoy having you with us, and we’re always trying to make your experience great. To show our thanks, we’re giving you [discount]% off your next order with [Business name].

Thank you!


<Book Now> <Chat us>

Targeted Audience

Campaign is not about sending promotions to all customers. It needs to be so personalized and tailored to the client’s needs and demands. So to make this happen, you can target customer based campaigns, like sending campaigns to males, visited ranges, inactive ones and more.

Scheduled Campaigns

The advanced salon and spa software allows you to schedule marketing campaigns even in WhatsApp. You can set the date and time to send the promotional messages to your clients.


In this competitive market, staying ahead and maintaining client engagement are important. WhatsApp marketing offers powerful, cost-effective solutions for salons and spas to enhance client relationships and drive business growth. By utilizing the advanced salon and spa software, scheduling and managing campaigns become so easy and effective. By directly integrating your business with WhatsApp, you can open up the chance for real-time communication, detailed catalogues and targeted promotions that not only increase client acquisition but also increase the visit count of existing clients.

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