5 Last Minute Salon Halloween Marketing Ideas!

Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative. – Judy Gold

October is going to be super busy for salon owners because of all the upcoming festivals and holidays. You might not know this, but Halloween is the second most money-spending holiday after Christmas. It’s not just a money-maker; it’s also a fun time to get creative with your clients’ looks.  

Clients often drop by for monster makeup and spooky hairdos which directly boost salon services and products sales. 

To make sure you are truly well prepared for Halloween this year, we thought we’ve put five quick and unique marketing ideas that will give you the opportunity to maximize on this holiday. You can easily simplify and automate these process with salon management software.

What Is The Halloween Festival, And Why Is It Celebrated?

Halloween is a fun holiday where people dress up in costumes and collect candy. But it started long ago with the Celts, who believed that on November 1, the spirits of the dead came back. So they dressed in costumes and lit fires to keep the spirits away. Over time, Halloween became more about having fun than anything religious. Irish immigrants brought it to the U.S., where it became popular for kids to dress up and get candy from neighbors. 

How Do You Promote Beauty And Hair Salons On Halloween?

Halloween is all about dressing up, getting treats, and having a great time, especially for children. Promoting your beauty and hair salon during the Halloween season is a fantastic opportunity to boost your revenue. Here are some creative ideas to ensure you get the most out of this special time:

Create a Spooky Atmosphere

One of the easiest way to get yourself and your salon into the spirit of Halloween is to add seasonal decorations to your hair and beauty salon. Your clients will definitely love the look of your salon it not only brings a unique approach also it let them feel the spooky and terrifying atmosphere. You don’t need to change the entire style of your salon, it just needs a bit decorations, you can easily find captivating and cost-effective decorations at near by party shops. 

Offer Halloween-Themed Services

Why not offer your clients something extraordinary this Halloween? Craft special packages that encompass a wide range of Halloween-themed services, from haircare to makeup. Moreover, entice group bookings with enticing discounts. As the season for new products and services emerges, it’s the perfect time to unveil something fresh and exciting to your clients. Additionally, consider selling hair accessories that scream ‘Halloween’—false  eyelashes, witchy nail art, and glow-in-the-dark add-ons, which your salon-goers will adore.

Some promotion ideas include:

  • Halloween hair: Offer a bewitching witchy up-do or a luscious blowout for just $20.
  • Halloween makeup: Provide a transformation from glamorous to gruesome for $30.
  • Halloween hair and makeup special: Combine both hair and makeup services for a spooktacular $40 package.

Halloween Personalized Campaign

Halloween is an opportunity to attract more visitors and retain clients with special offers and personalized services. By creating brand awareness with social media posts, advertisements, and marketing campaigns, you can drive more traffic to your salon. In today’s digital era, email open rates are often less than 30%, so leveraging SMS can boost the marketing strategy and generate revenue. Utilizing Halloween SMS templates can serve as a reminder for clients to join in the celebration, and the enticing special offers can encourage them to choose your business.

Sample SMS Template

Dear [Customer’s Name], as a token of our appreciation, enjoy a spooktacular 25% off your next treatment. Happy Halloween! We’re grateful for your loyalty.

Costume Contest Fun

Engaging and entertaining, hosting a Salon Costume Contest can bring your clients together in the spirit of Halloween. Don’t just stop at contests – the key is to make the contest an essential part of your marketing strategy. You can encourage your followers to submit their best Halloween hair and makeup photos. Furthermore, ask them to get their friends and followers to like, share, and comment on their photos. The winning entry should be the one that garners the most likes. It’s important to note that likes and shares are the lifeblood of your brand’s reach on social media. When your followers share the contest post, your updates reach more and more potential clients.

Last-Minute Promotions

Prepare to surprise your clients with last-minute promotions that can send excitement through the roof. A well-structured last-minute marketing strategy can significantly benefit your salon. Beyond your usual routine, create promotional ideas that can be deployed in the final stages of your event planning. Last-minute promotions have the potential to generate additional buzz, encourage new registrations, and maintain your audience’s anticipation. These last-minute activities also ensure that no one loses interest just before the event. Keep your audience engaged with these activities and benefit from the momentum of last-minute marketing. Even though the event is right around the corner, you can still encourage people to register and engage with your salon. With the right strategy, last-minute marketing can have a lasting impact on your target audience.

Salon Software – Your Halloween Marketing Partner

How can you amplify these ideas before Halloween? Utilize the advancement of technologies, software like MioSalon a salon management software empowers this process, making them even more effective. From automating promotions to refining your customer segmentation, salon software has you covered. Here’s how you can supercharge your salon’s Halloween promotions:

  • Segmentation for Success: Salon software lets you categorize your clients based on their behavior, making it easier to tailor your marketing campaigns to suit each group effectively.
  • Automated Promotions: With salon software, you can automate various promotions, ensuring timely and targeted communication with your clients. From seasonal specials to referral programs, salon software’s tools can streamline your marketing efforts.
  • Instant Communication: Send promotions and offers directly to your customers’ mobile devices via SMS, WhatsApp, or Email – ensuring your messages get noticed right away.
  • Personalization: Tailor your messages to your customers by offering personalized discounts and deals that match their interests and preferences, creating a more engaging experience.
  • Client Retention: Salon software enables you to engage clients regularly, encouraging loyalty and repeat business. Happy clients are likely to recommend your salon to friends, increasing retention and referrals


Halloween presents salon owners with a fantastic opportunity for creative marketing. By creating a spooky atmosphere, offering Halloween-themed services, launching social media campaigns, hosting contests, and executing last-minute promotions, your salon can thrive during this spirited season. Leveraging salon softwares can further enhance your marketing efforts, ensuring you make the most of Halloween salon sales  and delight your clients.

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