How To Find a Niche For Your Spa Using Spa Software?

The spa industry is a lucrative one and seems to be growing every year. In order to survive in the spa business, you need more than just good industry numbers. If you own a spa, the winning strategy for you to survive is figuring out who your target audience or niche market is. We understand that you may want to pamper every single person who walks through the door but decoding the type of people who are interested in availing your service matters.

Focussing your efforts on marketing to a specific group of people does not mean you are excluding those who do not fit your niche. It simply means you are working towards creating a message that fits the type of customers who visit your spa often and bring in the most business.

Considering there’s tons of competition out there, finding your niche will not only make you stand out from your competitors but also make it easier to describe what you do.

Every spa typically offers a wide range of services such as manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and more. It is important to know that it is not a one-size-fits-all deal. For example, a client may be visiting your spa only to get a facial, but maybe going elsewhere for a Massage. Every spa seems to draw in a diverse crowd with varied needs. Identifying the niche for your spa can help you put together a business plan or increase sales.

When trying to find a niche for your spa, start with your existing clientele. With the help of spa software, you can easily decode who your niche market is, and why they choose to come to your spa. In case you have a diverse clientele, find out the type of people who bring in the most business. For example: Is it a working woman or someone of a specific age group? Once you determine the type of people who bring in the business, analyze the common characteristics between them.

After drawing out a clear picture of the ideal customer profile, you’ll better understand the kind of people you want to see more at your spa.

Finding The Niche For Your Spa is Influenced By a Variety of Things Which Include:

➢ The location of your spa (national or local)

➢ The audience you are targeting (specific age or interest)

➢ Customer demographics (age, gender, income level, purchasing power)

➢ Specific service availed by most clients

➢ The number of customers visiting your spa is maximum during discount campaigns

➢ The price points of your services (high-end, budget-friendly)

Spa software seamlessly addresses the above pain points. While defining the niche for your spa, you can leverage the software to trace client history and chalk out client data, demographics, and psychographics. This combination of descriptive and behavioral information will carve out the complete image of your ideal customer.

Once you have a thorough understanding of your niche, you will also be able to figure out what you do better than your competitors, and what the specialty of your spa is. Why do most clients come to you? Is it the quality of your services, the price you offer, or something else?

This will also help you grow in the spa industry, take smarter decisions, scale more quickly, lead to better customer retention and eventually make more money in the long run.

If you want to find out the people who are interested in your services, MioSalon, spa software, is the best way to get there and excel at it.

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