Unlocking the Beauty of Salon Services: Mastering the Art of Adding Value

One of the greatest challenges most salon owners face is finding new ways to increase business without giving away services or retail products for reduced prices or for free.

Most salons and spas are also confused about whether they should offer discounts or not. The answer is ‘sometimes’. Even the biggies in the industry run promotional discounts from time to time.

Giving your clients discounts, deals and offers is an art. When running a discount, you must know when and how to give them. It must be done tactfully so that in the long term, you are benefitted the most. While it should be simple and easy to implement, it should be able to get clients instantly through the door.

While the world of offers and deals might seem enticing for a customer, it does little to your business. Lowering your prices does absolutely nothing to create a long-term business.

Why should a salon get paid less for delivering a service of high value? As a salon owner, you need to devise ways by which a deal or offer means that a customer ends up spending more money with you.

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When you are able to achieve this is when you will be truly adding value to your salon services. To make sure your marketing efforts align with your actual services, record all your offers and deals on beauty parlor software.

Here are 5 special offers that will help you make money in your salon rather than killing profits:

1. Add an additional extra instead of discounting:

Every client likes to get a little more than they expected. For example, when a child buys a packet of chips at a supermarket and gets toy-free, they get excited. Apply the same principle to your salon. Give your clients a little luxury at the same price. By doing this, you won’t be lowering your prices nor will you be losing out on any money. Your profits are yours and they will stay with you. If the clients love the results of the bonus service, they are bound to avail the same service on their next visit and pay for it. For example, if a client is coming in for a haircut, offer them a free nail cut and file on the house. Giving them the upgrade for nothing this time will make them feel truly valued and will want to make them return next time and pay the full price for it. However, when giving mini treatments, don’t include those that involve the use of expensive products. If you do so, you will be hurting your profits.

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2. Three for Two offers:

3 for 2 is a favorite supermarket scheme. They rely on them to boost revenue. Those in the beauty and wellness industry should also embrace this offer and reap the benefits. When someone is availing of one service, they’re bound to spend money on the second in order to get the free service. This is technically a discount, but here for the client to avail of the offer, they need to spend more. This way instead of spending on one unit, they are spending twice the money to get the offer. However, when you announce the offer on your beauty parlor software, make sure to be clear that the cheapest of the three services will be given for free. This means if service A is Rs. 500, service B – Rs. 800, and service C – Rs. 1000, service A will be given for free.

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3. Happy days:

Just like bars and pubs have happy hours from 12 pm to 5 pm on weekdays, you must consider having a happy day in your salon. Every salon will have one day in the week which tends to attract lesser business than the other days. Use this to your advantage. In most salons, Tuesdays are lean. To lure people to walk into your salon on this day, attract them with offers and incentives. The incentive can take the form of a special gift, a pre-packed jar of samples, or a free glass of wine if your salon has a bar license. Whatever freebie you offer, do it tactfully. For example, if somebody is having a manicure, you could probably give them a nail cream free.

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4. Loyalty schemes:

A loyalty scheme builds on the idea of making a customer spend more so that you can give them a loyalty card. Each time a client gets a treatment, you can put a stamp on their card. When they finish 5, 10, or 15 treatments, give the next one free. Though the offer takes longer for the client to get their bonus, it is a great way to build client loyalty. Another scheme under the loyalty program is the power of points. For every service a client spends, they get a certain percentage of points which can be redeemed in some form later. Clients can keep a check on their accumulated points on the beauty parlor software. By implementing such a program, a salon can double its profits while keeping customers happy.

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5. Power of suggestion/upselling:

Did you know? The simple power of suggestion can have huge benefits for your business. It’s all about how you persuade customers and attract them to your services. A little change in language and tone is all you need. When a client is walking out of the salon, rather than plainly asking them if you should book them for their next appointment, make it a bit fancy. Try saying ‘Could I book you for an aromatherapy facial on 20th August at 1 pm with a special glass of wine’. When you create a beautiful picture in the client’s mind, they automatically start associating positive feelings with the treatment. At this point, it becomes harder for them to say no, and they readily agree. This is simply planting an idea in your client’s head by making something simple sound fancy. Doing this will definitely see a spurt in the number of re-bookings you get. The appointment section on your beauty parlor software will talk for itself.

Today, in the salon and beauty industry, it is all about retention marketing. Get your clients to spend more with just a little effort. While your clients will look forward to your discounts and offers, you will see your profits soaring. With MioSalon, beauty parlor software, you can use the marketing feature to check and analyze how your offers are doing. With professional help, tools, and knowledge, you can take your salon to the next level. For just Rs. 500* a month, you can manage your salon in an easy and hassle-free manner.

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