Last minute ideas to increase sales: 6 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas For Your Salon And Spa

Valentine’s Day is the most significant event in the salon and spa business. Make the utmost use of it with these Valentine’s Day marketing ideas. Most salons and spas have their salon and spa software bursting with appointments in the month of December. The Christmas and New Year rush keeps most of them busy the entire month. However, that busy spell lasts only for a short while since January and February are relatively quieter. 

Instead of worrying about a quiet month, salons and spas can turn this around by capitalizing on Valentine’s Day. Salons don’t need to focus solely on February 14. They can use the occasion as an excuse to create exciting marketing campaigns throughout February. A good marketing idea will be able to get new clients through the door. In this blog, we’ll delve deep into how to increase sales during Valentine’s Day at the last minute.

6 Valentine’s day marketing ideas for your salon and spa

There are a lot of marketing ideas that keep your salon and spa running smoothly during the occasional period. In this blog, we’ll discuss the major marketing ideas that work for many businesses.

1. SMS campaign ideas

Just a few days before Valentine’s Day, consider sending out text reminders or messages to your clients. It is a great way of informing them of an ongoing promotion and getting in touch with clients you haven’t heard from in a while. Send promotional offers, greetings, personalized messages, customized packages and gift vouchers to your clients during this season and boost your business. Your clients will truly be surprised and delighted by this gesture.

2. Valentine’s day packages

The underlying objective of every promotion is to sell a service. Therefore, the first place to look for your Valentine’s Day marketing is at your services. 

Start off by bundling a few services together. The package can be a great gift for a significant other. To make sure your package sells, bundle treatments with complementary retail products. Adding something extra to your package gives your clients a unique V-Day experience. 

The best way to let clients know that you are running a promotion is by including it in your software. Every time a client visits the software to make an appointment, have a little pop-up telling them about your packages and offers. Read on to find out other ways in which you can entice customers.

3. Email marketing

Get your Valentine’s Day promotion popped straight into everyone’s inbox. Compared to social media, email is a potent tool to deliver your salon’s marketing message. You can check the email database on your salon software and send out emails to all your clients.

Use cute subject lines for your email messages like ‘love is in the air’ or ‘here’s a love letter’ so that they actually open it. Certain salons even send voucher codes to the highest spending and most loyal clients. 

4. Gift vouchers

Sell gift cards in your store as well as on your salon software. Most people reach out for gift cards when they can’t find the perfect gift for their better half. Send out emails and text messages to all your clients that you’re selling gift cards for Valentine’s Day at a special price. Here again, check the appointment history on your software to see who has bought the most number of gift vouchers from you in the past.

5. Conduct online contests

Use the Facebook & Instagram platforms to the fullest to get the most out of them. They can do wonders if leveraged properly. This is the season to conduct online contests to make people engage with your brand & posts.

Here are some best proven tips to conduct an effective online contest on Facebook & Instagram:

1) Use Brand name as #Hashtags to establish visibility

2) Ask your participants to Like your page and add your contest post to their walls & stories (Get your brand seen by their followers )

3) Make sure the contest is quite easy so that people will be ready to participate.

4) Post exciting pictures about services, gifts & giveaways.

5) Share the winning contestants’ names and encourage them to share them on their walls as well.

6. Create a love-filled ambiance

If you are introducing Valentine’s Day offers and promotions, boost the romantic quotient in your salon. Make clients feel like your salon is ideal for them to spend this day with their partners. If your salon looks plain and dull without any decorations, clients may choose another neighborhood salon. Valentine’s Day decorations doesn’t have to typically be hearts and roses. You’ll find a whole lot of inspiration on Pinterest. Always remember that consistency is extremely important when marketing. So choose a theme and use it throughout your promotions and marketing material.

Wrapping up

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to bring in extra revenue, and new clients and pamper existing ones. MioSalon, salon and spa software makes it extremely simple for salon owners to attract clients during special occasions like these. Whether it’s sending out a personalized email or text message, it can all be done on the software. Once the promotional offer is over, you can also assess which marketing activities worked best and created the most profit for you.

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