Ace Email Marketing Tips for Boosting Open Rates and Salon Revenue

Did you know? Email marketing can be a powerful tool for your salon and spa when used to its full potential.

Today, in a day and age when salon customers are bombarded with marketing messages from every direction, email marketing still holds good. It continues to dominate the marketing world. A lot of occupants in the beauty business refrain from email marketing owing to the fact that most clients do not open emails.

Well, if a client is spammed on a day-to-day basis, of course, they’re not going to open your email.

Every successful email marketing campaign is fuelled by a great strategy and proper planning.

In this blog, we’ve gathered some top trends to boost email open rates and your salon and spa ROI eventually.

Tips to setup Email Marketing for your Salon

No campaign can be a success without strategic planning and implementation. Although there are a lot of ways to successfully promote your Salon, Emails are one of a kind.  Emails that have the highest open and click rates are targeted, personalized, and sometimes automated based on client behavior.

Before you hit the send to all button on your salon software, here are a few things you must keep in mind with regard to email marketing for salons:


Personalised marketing is a powerful way to engage your customers. Imagine, you’re walking in a subway and someone screams out your name, you’re bound to turn and look. Promotional Emails coupled with Personalization work wonders when done properly.

The same concept applies here too. Recent studies on brain activation reveal that when we see our own names, we’re more likely to react than otherwise. Since our names are connected to self-perception and identity, we as consumers become more engaged and trusting of the messaging where our name appears. Studies reveal that emails with a personalized subject line are 26% more likely to be opened. Here’s how you can personalize your email messages:

Add your subscriber’s first name to the email content or subject line.

Email your subscribers on their birthdays. Everybody loves a freebie or a celebratory message.

Thank clients for purchasing a product or send out personalized messages if you haven’t seen a client in a while.

Mobile responsive design:

54% of emails today are opened via mobile. Thus, we’d recommend salons and spas craft and optimize their emails for mobile. In recent years, click-through rates on mobile have reached 15%. Thus, the kind of design you choose in your email can greatly affect your conversion rate. Consider features such as single-column layouts, big call-to-action buttons, minimum 14-pt font, and a sleek minimalist design.

List segmentation:

One thing we’ve noticed is that most salons and spas tend to get lazy and craft similar mails for all clients. It’s high time you get a bit creative in this approach. The more you tailor your content to different lifestyles and demographics, the more your services will resonate with email subscribers. This also leads to high open and click-through rates. Check your salon scheduling software to see what kind of services a client has availed in the past and curate the content around that, something which they will be interested in reading. Targeted emails can drive up to 77% of your overall email ROI. The best practice is to take time to segment your clientele based on needs and wants and create campaigns for each persona. Building a Client Database can be difficult. We’ve compiled the best practices for building Salon Client Database real quick and effective at the same time.

Automated campaigns:

Use your salon management software to set up automated campaigns. This helps in keeping your business in front of customers without much effort. Just like a salon or spa sends out appointment SMS reminders, efforts should be made to send emails as well. A good practice would be to automate a few such campaigns in the software. Create scenarios that will enhance your relationship with the client such as welcoming them, feedback after an appointment, birthday, anniversaries, missed appointments, and ‘we miss you’ emails if you haven’t seen a client for more than 60 days.

Using such strategies in your email marketing efforts can immensely increase the open rate. However, a strategy is just not enough. Content is key in marketing. Based on the kind of content in your email, your client will decide if they want to visit your salon and spa or not.

Types of Content in your Email Marketing Strategy

If you are really looking to boost your email campaigns, consider implementing the following types of content:

➭ Dynamic content: As the name suggests, dynamic content allows you to deliver personalized content to each subscriber, all from one email. Since dynamic content is HTML content, it can all be changed based on the viewer. You can set various criteria for your dynamic content such as location, gender, and persona.

➭ Interactive content: As mentioned earlier, every subscriber of your email receives a whole lot of marketing emails daily. It’s your responsibility to make the content in your email fun to read. If all your emails are sales-oriented, nobody is going to open them. Creating interactive content is a great way to increase engagement rates and reduce bounce rates. Sliders, buttons, quizzes, search bars, and surveys make great interactive content templates.

➭ Valuable content: Your email platform is a valuable tool that goes beyond offers, discounts, and promotions. Today’s users crave information that directly influences their lifestyles. Curate content that will keep your subscribers engaged and waiting for your next email. Make an attempt to educate and entertain them. Think gift guides, beauty hacks, tips, and hacks and look of the day. This is a great way to incorporate more than ‘selling’ into your messaging.

Despite the endless ways to market and brand your salon and spa, email should always be an important part of your overall strategy. One issue most salons face is segmenting their list of emails. Using MioSalon, beauty parlour software, you can sort people by their last visit. You can make separate emails for people who have visited you in the last six months or those in the last year. Sending out the same email to all the people in your database can be confusing. Thus, make sure you are sending the right emails to the right people.

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