Salon Software: Common Myths Debunked

Today, cloud-based systems are steadily enveloping the world of information technology. Moving to the cloud has become a norm for most businesses. It is almost synonymous with computing. 90% of companies are using a cloud for some aspect of their operations while the remaining 10% have not made the switch yet. Here are a few possible explanations for why they’re so hesitant to change:

➭ They’re still not convinced that the cloud is secure

➭ They are unwilling to update their legacy applications

➭ They feel like it would require too many organizational changes

➭ They’re unsure about the fact that cloud is compliant with their industry regulations

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, we at MioSalon prefer sticking to the facts:

➭ The information you store on the salon software is yours and we have no control over it. If you decide to stop using MioSalon, you can copy, access, and download your data at any time.

➭ If you don’t know how to go about doing so, we are here to help you.

Despite such transparency, there are many pre-conceived notions business owners have when switching from installed software to a cloud-based program. If you fall into that camp, this article is for you.

In this piece of writing, we mainly want to dispel or debunk the common myths that hover around salon scheduling software. We want more and more players in the beauty business to use such technology to streamline their day-to-day operations.

Here are the Common Myths of Using a Salon Software:

Myth #1 – Cloud software is not secure

Salon software users may have preconceived notions that cloud software is not secure. However, this is a common myth that needs to be debunked. The fear arises because sensitive information is stored on a server somewhere else instead of a computer. We understand the concern, but it is essential to know that modern salon software, such as MioSalon, is highly secure and uses the latest encryption technologies to protect your data. Today, every system used to manage personal life, such as online banking and medical records, has all moved to the cloud, and businesses trust cloud software that requires the highest level of security. If you trust these systems to manage your personal data, you can be sure that your business data will be safe in the cloud as well.

We take several security measures to make sure your data is kept secure. Only the person with access gets in. When the data is transferred from the server to the device, it’s fully encrypted so that no one can intercept it. The data you store is encrypted multiple times with bank-level encryption technology.

Myth #2 – Employees can easily steal data on cloud software

To be honest, security is a bigger issue on your desktop or laptop than on the cloud. Any employee with access to your computer can use your software to view or take your client list. Cloud-based salon software works slightly differently. You get to assign individual logins that restrict who can access what. This gives you more control than ever. It also means that even if your operating device gets stolen, you can be sure that you won’t lose any information since it will all be stored on the cloud.

Myth #3 – Cloud-based system can go down while an installed system always works

Compared to installed computer software, cloud-based systems have a very high level of performance and little downtime. MioSalon has an uptime of 99.9%. All the information is safely stored on the cloud. In case of any outages (which is very rare), the automatic backup system collects all the data and backs it up on the backend. This means, you will not lose any information.

On the contrary, when an installed system experiences any kind of outage, the changes of losing your data are more. Also, installed software requires manual updates that increase the chance of downtime or performance issues.


What is Cloud Software?

MioSalon,  scheduling software, is cloud-based softwareWe don’t mean clouds in the sky; it’s slightly technical but so useful.

When a network of servers work together to deliver software through your internet browser, it is referred to as ‘cloud’. It simply means several computers work together to deliver an application on your browser. It makes everything work in sync. For example, when your client is making their bookings on the salon appointment software, your staff can automatically check their schedule on the calendar. You could also sync the software with your MailChimp account to deliver targeted email campaigns. Honestly speaking, cloud software is no rocket science. It is in fact the easiest thing ever made to manage your business processes.

Disadvantages of running installed software on your local computer:

➭ If your computer is slow, your software will slow down too

➭ If your computer fails, your information and software maybe lost

➭ If your software consumes too much processing power, you will have to upgrade your device

Software updates happen rarely. When they do happen, you’ll have to download and install them. The software updates usually have a cost associated with them or you will need tech support to implement the update.

➭ Your software installation is limited to one location. You can only use it on that device.

➭ Only one person can use it at a time

Benefits of using MioSalon, salon software:

➭ Your software will update itself automatically. You won’t have to do anything or manually install updates.

➭ All your information is backed up in a safe location. If your system crashes, your information still remains secure. All you have to do is login from another device and you can start off from where you stopped.

➭ MioSalon can be used anywhere, from any device

Cloud-based software gives you the freedom to give multiple people access at once from multiple devices. This won’t slow down your system.

➭ Integrations and add-ons are extremely simple

Firewalls and security and protective systems ensure that hackers cannot infiltrate servers.

➭ Lastly, you will not need a powerful device to run the software. You can seamlessly run it on any device.

To conclude, it is much more secure to store information valuable to your hair and beauty business on the cloud than to keep it on your local computer. In case any mishap occurs, you will have peace of mind that your information is safe.

Whether you own a small, medium or large-sized business, MioSalon, salon scheduling software will be of tremendous use to you. All you need is a browser. Since it is updated often, you don’t have to worry about manually installing updates. Also, it is more secure than running a system on your local computer. The biggest benefit of MioSalon is that it can be easily integrated with other similar services.

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