7 Proven Steps to Enhance Time Management in Your Salon

As a salon owner, maintaining Time Management in Salon is really important. You are required to wear different hats every now and then. From reorganizing a stock cupboard to working on a marketing promotion or educating your staff on a new treatment, the number of tasks on your shoulders are endless towards managing your salon or spa for success. You cannot possibly run away from doing these things because they matter to the growth of your salon.

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However, if you’re an owner of a busy and thriving salon, it can be difficult to manage your time effectively because you are needed in several places at once. That’s no excuse because you have chosen this path for yourself. Thus, if you want your salon or spa to succeed, you’ve got to improve the way you manage your salon and your overall time management. By completing all your tasks ahead of time, you will realize how much more time you have in hand to work towards making more money for your salon.

Always remember Time Management in the Salon = more money. Wasting even 30 minutes results in a loss in revenue. Of course, you are allowed to take breaks; however, smart time management is important.

It’s never too late to run a successful business with better time management.

7 Tried & Tested Steps To Effectively Manage Your Salon

1) Prioritize:

Prioritizing your tasks is the first step in your salon management. When you are busy, everything seems like a priority. You want to do it all but do you have the time to do it? There will always be some tasks that are more important than others. The best thing to do when prioritizing is to write down all your tasks and take a look at your calendar.

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When you are prioritizing your priorities, it is important to be realistic. Thus, if you feel like you can do only two tasks a day start with that. If you complete the two tasks ahead of time, execute another one that will take lesser time. One thing we have noticed is that most salon owners find it extremely stressful to manage several branches. The best way to tackle this is by using salon management software. It can control multiple salon branches from one workstation. Whether you’re at home or behind your salon reception, you can monitor what’s happening.

2) Delegate:

Just because you are the salon manager, Time Management in Salon is to be implemented by a salon manager. It doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. Hold meetings with your team every two weeks and see how you can delegate work. Have a look at your to-do list and see which employees can take up certain tasks and which you should take responsibility for. When distributing tasks to your staff members, make sure you do it fairly. Don’t dump all the work on one person. This will result in them running out of time to do their jobs properly.

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3) Goal Setting:

Knowing what you want to achieve can help increase salon productivity. The first place to start is by setting goals. You can set goals for yourself and your staff. To start with, set small, manageable goals. Put the most important tasks on the front of your list. Stocktaking, deep cleaning, staff development or marketing, whatever it is, just set goals. Use your salon and spa software to track your goals.

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4) Breaks Are Important:

Did you know? You end up wasting more time when you work continuously. It may sound strange, but it’s true. Time Management in Salon can help you with this. You can only save time when you use it wisely. We cannot stop emphasizing the importance of scheduling time for a break. Without regular breaks, you will be unable to work to your full potential as your mind and body will get tired. After completing every task take five-minute breaks. Use this time to clear your mind and recharge. Encourage your salon employees to follow the same routine. You will start seeing better results as you will be able to use your time effectively.

5) Preparation And Organisation Is Key:

Despite being occupants of a highly digitized era, there are still so many salons and spas using traditional methods to schedule appointments and interact with their salons. This can really hamper the effective use of your time. Instead of working towards expanding your salon or spa, you will end up spending more time on the phone.

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There may be times when you’re so busy that you forget to write down a client’s appointment. Such kind of miscommunication can greatly affect the reputation of your salon. By using salon management software to take online bookings, you can easily focus on more important things that matter to the growth of your business. This also gives you more time to do every task at once. It’s extremely important to take your paper-pen appointment register to a computerized salon scheduling software.

6) Rely On Technology:

After years of working with appointment registers and physically checking stock audits, it can be difficult to automate every single process in your salon or spa. We understand the trepidation. However, imagine the amount of time you can save just by digitizing every aspect of your business. It’s something worth doing, and it is much easier than you think.

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Not only can salon and spa software enable you to become more organized and run an efficient business, but it can also speed up certain processes such as billing, marketing, feedback management, inventory management, online booking, staff management, and credit and debit card processing.

7) Measure Success:

If you do implement steps to manage time at your salon, you also need to check if they are working. There’s no point doing something if there’s no return. Revisit your salon work patterns and check if you’ve been able to create more time. Check if your productivity has increased from the previous months. Besides measuring the time saved, you can also measure the money earned by implementing Time Management in Salon. Measuring success will not just motivate you but your team too.

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If you have a new employee joining your salon, prepare a manual and train them on ways they could save time while delivering more.

MioSalon, the salon management software, has been curated to help hair, nail, and beauty salons to save a great deal of time and provide clients with a better quality of service.

It’s every salon owner’s dream to improve Time Management in Salon. The first step to start is by investing in technology that will help you do so. Schedule a free demo or get in touch with our team at MioSalon today.

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