Know The Importance of Everyday Salon Cleaning

No matter what kind of business you know, maintaining a fully hygienic environment is imperative. This is where salon cleaning comes in. In the hair and beauty business especially, so many different kinds of clients visit your salon or spa each day. Heavy footfall every single day means that your salon staff is performing treatments on a client’s hair, scalp, nails, and the most intimate areas.

With that being said, it is extremely important to maintain good salon hygiene and great housekeeping within the interiors of your salon or spa every single day. Attention to detail is of paramount importance and is the secret to winning customers. If your space radiates a squeaky clean vibe, you’ll have customers pouring in.

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Perfect cleanliness is one of the most important prerequisites to maintaining a salon’s reputation.

You can easily drive customers to your Salon using these Salon Offer Messages & Email marketing but giving them an exceptional experience is all about proper maintenance and hygiene. In this blog, we’re going to be discussing a few tips that your salon staff can incorporate into their daily cleaning routine to make your salon look nice and bright, and have good salon cleaning at all times.

Let’s now look at what to do to improve your salon business using everyday salon cleaning:

Everyday Upkeep

Have you ever wondered what an average day in a salon looks like? While you’ll find heaps of used towels and bathrobes, there will also be cut hair all over the floor and stations littered with foils and color tubes. Though such spills are a part and parcel of the salon industry, they need to be dealt with immediately. As a salon owner, you cannot have cut hair lying on the floor all day. As a client leaves the station after his/her haircut, it’s essential that someone from your cleaning staff clears it as soon as they can.

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It’s not just the workstations that need everyday maintenance. A waiting area with half-torn magazines and bottles jumbled on retail shelves can also create a bad impression. A well-maintained Salon with exceptional hygiene attracts more customers even during the Monsoon season.

With so many customers pouring in each day, a salon can definitely look upside down by the end of the day. However, the art lies in how you can still do salon cleaning regularly to make your salon look good at all times.

spa management software

Who’s responsible for maintaining salon hygiene?

We’ve heard stylists often say – ‘it’s not my job to clean up’. While it may not be, it’s vital that everyone working within your salon practices basic hygiene at least. Whether it’s sterilizing tools after a pedicure or keeping the floor clean after a haircut, your stylists, therapists, and managers have to contribute to overall general upkeep.

Make it a part of everybody’s job description to tidy up between clients and keep supplies stocked at all times. With beauty salon software, your stylists no longer have to keep track of which product is running out as the software does it all for you.

The best way to maintain a hygienic salon is by doing salon cleaning, creating a daily duties checklist on your salon software, and keeping a record of what duties have been assigned to whom and when they’ve been fulfilled. The list should include all your areas such as the salon floor, kitchenette, toilet, reception, and everything in between.

Avoid cross-contamination of Equipment

It is really important that every piece of equipment is thoroughly cleaned between usages. On a normal day in a salon, tools that come in contact with multiple clients include combs, brushes, clippers, and nail tools. They should be cleaned adequately after every usage and must be stored in a dry condition when not required.

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Certain tools or equipment require to be cleaned a certain way. We always recommend you follow the instructions on the label of the cleaning solution. If you’re not using a special cleaning solution, a regular disinfectant and hot water should suffice in keeping your hair and nail tools sterile.

Towels and other salon linen should also be cleaned regularly. Used towels not just look unsightly but also harbor germs if left around damp.

Deeper Cleaning

Besides everyday upkeep, reserve one day in the month for deep salon cleaning. Depending on the size of your salon, have one day devoted to just cleaning. You can also shut your doors for half the day and inform your clients prior.

While you can execute this deep cleaning yourself, you can also get companies that specialize in-salon cleaning to do it for you.

Make sure you clean all washing surfaces, sinks, retail shelves, restrooms, and thorough floor mopping.

Professional cleaners usually know how to maintain certain salon equipment and thus they make sure to handle it with care too.

Salon Repairs

Beyond daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning, there will be some areas in your salon or spa that need serious repair. Of course, you cannot do that yourself. It’s quite normal for water leakages or electrical issues to occur in a salon. Instead of panicking, have a plumber, electrician or general contractor visit you every month. It’s always better they have an overall check for the safety and well-being of your staff as well as your clients.

Though we’ve overemphasized keeping up on your salon cleaning, you should also maintain your salon chairs. Since most chairs are made from PVC or vinyl, they’re easy to clean down with disinfectant. However, make sure you’re using the right cleaning products.

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Make sure that the cleaner you’re using contains no alcohol as it is likely to react with the PVC thus making it brittle and crack eventually. If cracks begin to appear on a chair, bacteria are bound to harvest and multiply.

It is also equally important to get your Salon & Spa interiors on point to make the atmosphere soothing and relaxing. Know how to create an inviting Salon & Spa Ambience.

Salon staff Personal Hygiene

Lastly, it goes without saying that it is every salon owner’s duty to make sure their staff is practicing personal hygiene practices. Client visits a salon to pamper themselves. If a stylist or therapist does not come across as hygienic, a client may think twice before allowing them to treat their hair, nails, or body.

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Just educating your staff on simple practices such as ensuring their hands and uniforms are clean and free from hair or nail shavings is all it takes.

Following these basic rules should be good enough to ensure your salon space and staff stay hygienic.

Keeping your salon or spa clean can help boost your business. Only when you invest in the most important aspects of your beauty business can you see it grow? While focussing on the strategic aspects of your business is important, it is also vital that enough emphasis is given to cleaning.

Of utmost importance is given to hygiene and cleanliness in a salon, you’ll have happy clients walking in every now and then.

To maintain salon cleaning checklists, inventory management, and generate everyday reports, invest in MioSalon, beauty parlor software. All those in the salon and spa industry using our software have witnessed a steady improvement in their business.

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