Accelerate Your Salon Experience with These Express Service Tips

Importance of Express Services

In recent years, revenue from the salon market has been growing slowly. The main reason behind this is that today’s salon customer is like a relentless bargain hunter.

Despite having a solid core of loyal clients, you will have many first-time cut and color clients walking through your doors every now and then. If you’re struggling to build your Salon Client Database, we’ve compiled the best practices for building your Client Database real quick like a pro.

While it’s not a bad thing, you will have to get hold of a way to win these clients over with excellent service and by offering something ‘extra’ that distinguishes you from million other salons.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes. In a world of endless meetings and things to do, they barely have the time to do anything. For most people, indulging in a day of beauty, relaxation and pampering almost seems like a dream as they have literally no time for salon and spa visits.

Owing to this, occupants in the beauty business have begun to suffer and the growth rate is extremely slim.

The best way to capitalize on this slump is by introducing an add bulk services menu that gets clients in and out of the door within a few minutes.

We assure you it’s the perfect recipe for success and to increase profits.

Studies suggest that express services bring in new clients and more revenue in a busy schedule. No matter which time of the year it is, express services have the power to boost revenue.

It works particularly well with school and university students who don’t like to splurge much on a full treatment.

6 Ways to use Express Services

Not sure where to start with express salon add-on services? Here are six great ways to bring in clients.

1. Thirty minutes or less:

Apart from the main menu on your salon software, consider making another ‘express services menu’ that includes all the services you’re offering that can be performed in less than 30 minutes. Instead of shortening extensive treatments, include the ones which anyone would need for their overall grooming. Remember, a client is opting for the services because they are short on time. Thus, your menu should have all the basic services including facials, brow shaping, waxing services, express blowouts, cut-file-polish and foot massage. Your express services are a sure-shot way of making more money and increasing the frequency of client visits. You may even have some clients that may decide to avail three or four express treatments in a single salon session. Also, retain your existing clients with Loyalty Program ideas and providing top-notch services.

2. Time-efficient salon services:

Once you’ve designed your express services menu, you need to make clients believe that you are playing a crucial role in helping them unwind despite their busy status. Convince them by telling them that you are offering inexpensive and time-efficient options that can easily fit their schedule. Instead of just calling it an express menu, add a fun element to it which will lure clients to drop by. As a salon owner, your main focus should be to fulfil a client’s need for speed, quality and price via add-on services that can be easily squeezed in their lunch breaks and meetings.

3. Attract new clients to a salon:

Are you hitting the wall when it comes to attracting new clients? Fret not! An easy and low-risk way to get new clients to try your salon is by incorporating an Add-on menu of fast and affordable services for a salon. A low-cost option that won’t take up a major portion of the day is a great way to market to those who might be hesitant to try out a new neighborhood salon or spa. Once you’ve won the confidence of these first-time clients with your express services, it would be a good idea to market your other full-fledged services to them too. Our salon management software is designed in such a way that at the click of a button you can sift your new clients, active clients and inactive clients. Attract new clients to your Salons using these proven Salon Promotional ideas.

4. Hand out samples:

If you have a stream of clients coming in to avail express services, consider handing out small product sample pouches. This is a great way to bring them back to boost retail sales. If a certain product used during an express treatment has hit a sweet spot for them, handover a sample. Their love for the product will keep them coming back wanting more.

5. Make services visible:

While getting clients to book express salon services via your salon scheduling software is an absolute must, you need to make them visible offline as well. Make sure potential, add-on deals are on display inside and outside your salon. Customer experience goes to a whole new level when when you have Salon & Spa interiors on point. While exterior signboards will bring in new customer, interior signage will help upsell to those clients that are already in the chair. For example, if a client is getting their hair colored and they spot the menu which lists an express blowout, they’ll readily be tempted to go in for it especially if they have a dinner party or social event to attend.

6. Upsell:

Don’t be afraid to upsell. Most salons end up losing a major part of their revenue because they don’t want to come across as pushy. Well, forcing a client to avail of service is not right. However, upselling is an art and involves tips and tricksIf a client is looking for a particular service and doesn’t know what their options are, it’s always better for someone with expertise to assist them. Let them know some of the express services they can take advantage of to look their best.

If selling add-on services to your customers in person seems like high-pressure sales, you can include them in your salon online booking software. Give them the option to add additional services when they’re booking their session online. This way, they will be more open to upgrading. Also, since all the prices are laid out, they won’t face the awkwardness of asking the price of a service.

Putting the right software behind your salon is the secret to increase profits and enhance brand exposure. When a powerful system meets smart offers, you’ll see a steady spurt in your overall bottom line.

If you would like to learn more about MioSalon, and its features how it can be used to benefit your business, contact us to Schedule a free demo today.

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