10 Guidelines to Find The RIGHT Software for Your Salon or Spa

10 Guidelines to Find The RIGHT Software for Your Salon or Spa
10 Guidelines to Find The RIGHT Software for Your Salon or Spa

If you are a salon/spa owner and also in the process of identifying the right software for your beauty business, then you are in the right place.

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Role of salon software 

With thousands of dollars or lakhs of rupees invested in setting up a new salon or spa, the owners need the right technology that protects their investment and grow business. The software is a backbone of any business and salon business is no different.

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The beauty business is getting highly attractive and also becoming highly competitive to thrive upon. In this scenario, a good software plays a critical role in your success and growth. (ie. An ordinary software may stumble your growth or add to your woes)

How to find the RIGHT one?

The market is highly crowded and you need to “separate the wheat from the chaff”. Here is the checklist to find the right software for your salon. You should ask the following questions with your salon software vendor.

Top 10 Guidelines

1. Will it help me to get new customers cost-effectively for my salon?

2. Whether real-time online booking through your FB/website is possible?

3. Can I able to find my happy/unhappy customers quickly?

4. Whether it will help me to increase my online ratings & reviews?

5. How can I increase repeat revenue? – Package/e-GiftCards/Membership/eWallet etc.

6. Shall I able to control malpractices and data theft?

7. Will it be easy to use for my front-office staff or managers?

8. How do you support me if I get stuck? Check on human support availability

9. Are my data safe with you? How can I trust you?

10. Can I get it in a simple monthly/yearly subscription model?


More than just booking and billing, you should calculate the ROI from a software. You have to question yourself…How it will it help me to increase my monthly revenue in a year?

Whether software is an Investment Vs Expense?

Spending money for good software will be an INVESTMENT (Or) An ordinary billing software is adding as an EXPENSE to you. (Don’t just fall prey to cheap/free software because of low price and get hooked)

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Analyze and take the RIGHT decision in the BEST interest of your business.

All the best!

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