How To Make A Salon Successful Using These 6 Mantras?

Be an Ace at Promotion & Marketing

Throw a contest Display testimonials Focus on social media Create something viral

➭ Throw a contest

Let all your clients and their friends know that you are running a contest, where you will give a gift to the one who sends the most number of referrals.

➭ Display testimonials

Collect testimonials from your most popular client with their picture and get approved to display them on your website or social media pages.

➭ Set up a selfie station with your salon’s hashtag

Selfie is something which has become a must thing to do after visiting a salon or spa. Use this to make your business more popular.

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➭ Focus on social media

Social media is being used by almost 31% of the country’s population. Start marketing using various social media platforms to cover a wide range of client bases.

➭ Create something viral

Unique service will always keep social media on fire. Try making something unique and try making it viral through the media platforms.

Be open for Advanced & Online-bookings

➭ At least 7 days of prior booking to be open

Keep your bookings open for the next 7 days. Clients looking forward to Bridal service always try to book earlier, even the tourist looking for good service check for advance booking in order to make themselves comfortable.

➭ Encourage online booking

Since this reduces your time and manpower, always try to make your clients book online. It’s better to introduce some offers for the clients who try to book online.

➭ Utilize every resource for online booking

There are several platforms where services can be booked online. Make sure that you have given the liberty to your clients to book from their comfortable platform.

Hire Quality and Efficient staff

➭ The spokesperson for your brand

Identify a person who is a prominent face in the industry and make him the spokesperson of your brand.

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➭ Creative stylist of your store

People prefer to take service from the best stylist at the store. Make sure that the staff you have is trained from a recognized institute and is the best fit for a creative stylist.

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➭ Better to recognize duo talent

A stylist/therapist is loved by the client who does the best work and is good at interacting with the client.

Introduce/ Promote luxury bridal make-up services

➭ Use a better model to display bridal service

Always go for a better model for the photoshoot of your brand. This creates a natural attraction and is preferred by a huge mass.

➭ Introduce organic and natural products

It is this time when the chemical industry is moving out of the beauty industry and people are encouraging the use of organic and natural products.

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➭ Do not experiment on the clients

Don’t make your clients the “Lab Rat” for the newly launched product. It is always better to do your homework before you take the test.

Quality comes first for metropolitan clients

➭ Follow systematic methodology

I think you know this better than we do. Follow your principles and don’t compromise with the principles and blame the time.

➭ Maintain store hygiene

Clear the mess before you begin. Whenever you begin with a new client make sure that you have prepared the room or seat up to the mark of the client.

➭ Use bold colors and keep the store well lit

There have been cases where in order to save a few pence the store lights were kept off and the clients didn’t turn up thinking that the store is closed.

Give them a dose of luxury comfort

➭ Keep the airflow always on

Make sure that the clients are always dry and cool. If they get wet because of sweat, your business may feel the heat, and that I can bet.

➭ Serve them trendy magazines in the waiting area

This shows that your staff is updated with the latest styles and trends. Creates huge confidence for your clients to trust you and your staff.

➭ Free consultation before service

Caring is sharing. Always ask about their problems and what they face analyze and recommend to them the apt solution which they won’t refuse also helps you make a room for the upsell.

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➭ Review and feedback at the store and later for the service(s)

An increased positive review denotes that your store is healthy and thus creates the brand.

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