10 Salon Tips & Reminders for Successful Holiday Marketing

Holiday marketing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Salon Holiday Marketing is important for any salon owner. The holiday season is usually busy for everyone – salon scheduling software runs full and emotions are high. While it’s a happy and cheerful time, it also brings with it a whole lot of stress. Instead of panicking, do your best to ensure your clients look and feel great. 

When you make your salon holiday ready, you also help pump in a whole lot of revenue because Christmas shoppers are always looking for gift vouchers for family and friends. 

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With a great strategy in place and the power of salon management software, you’ll be able to bring in more customers and increase your salon sales.

In this blog, we’ve discussed ten effective tips that will help you get through the season and keep you prepared.

Salon Marketing Guide For The  Salon Holiday Marketing

1) Setup Marketing Campaigns:

The first pre-requisite of running any holiday offer is to setup your promotions and marketing campaigns in place.  You can create a content calendar and schedule Facebook posts weeks in advance. Since it’s the busy holiday season, Salon Holiday Marketing is always impactful. Most salon managers may tend to forget to post from time to time.

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Thus, if you’ve scheduled them before, it makes things much easier and more effective. Another way to wow your clients and kick off the holiday season with a bang is by sending out text messages to every client. We have Christmas, New Year and other important salon SMS offer message templates ready for you.  

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2) Daily Deals:

To get through the busy holiday season, proper Salon Holiday Marketing is important. You need to offer deals every day. How about offering discounts each day leading up until the holidays. When you change your promotions every day, you have clients coming in every now and then. Maybe 20 percent off on a haircut on one day and a discount on highlights the next day. By doing so, you’re enticing clients to get on the deals and also keeping stylists busy as a result. 

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3) Engage Customers On Social Media:

Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to run holiday contests and promote seasonal specials. A good idea is to use holiday-themed frames for every picture you upload on Facebook and Instagram. Holiday-inspired contests are a great way to get people interested in your products and services.You can choose to give the winner a bundle of retail products or a free service at your salon or spa. When you incentivize your clients, it encourages them to check your social media page on a regular basis. 

4) Create Service Packages:

If you want to increase the average spending per client, create holiday service packages and add-ons. Make sure to club similar treatments and services together so that your clients can finish their entire beauty routine in one session. If you do happen to create holiday-themed packages, make sure to let your clients know by way of SMS, email, and social media that you are running such promotions. 

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5) Encourage Online Booking:

The holidays can be chaotic for schedules. To stay on track and avoid as many last-minute surprises are possible, setup online booking on your spa software. It not just makes it simpler for you but also makes it easier for a client to schedule their appointment from anywhere. You can also list your holiday hours of operation so that a customer can drop by at a time convenient to them. 

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6) Promote Gift Cards:

The best way to keep your salon sales and Salon Holiday Marketing booming during the holiday season is by stocking up on gift cards. Sell them at your reception, retail counter, online, and everywhere else. Studies reveal that 60% of people put gift cards on their holiday wish list every year. Most last-minute shoppers and impulse buyers have a habit of purchasing gift cards. You could also wrap gift cards in cute Christmassy envelopes to gift the recipient the actual holiday feel. Salon management software makes selling and tracking gift cards a quick and easy experience. 

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7) Sell Retail:

As much as the holiday season is a good time to sell gift vouchers and salon services, it is a great time to boost retail sales. However, if you are not going to market your products efficiently, they’re only going to grace the counter and go nowhere. For that, you have to train your Salon Staff to Upsell products. To encourage quick sales, try and bundle products together in pretty baskets with festive bows. Every client will instantly get attracted by the cute packaging and will want to purchase it for their friends. These little tricks help your busy clients accomplish their holiday shopping. 

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8) Holiday Drinks And Snacks:

During the holiday season,  Salon Holiday Marketing is to be done. You have to go the extra mile to retain clients. Consider offering a cozy, seasonal beverage and a treat to go with it. Mulled wine, hot chocolate, or a fancy cocktail on the menu are ways to get more customers through the door. You can also offer some Gingerbread cookies for clients to nibble on while they avail their service. 

9) Record A Voicemail Message:

While most clients schedule their appointments online on salon scheduling software, there are few people who still prefer the old-school way of calling for an appointment. Make sure you don’t forget to update your salon’s voicemail greeting to let clients know of your closed holiday hours or extended hours. You can also direct them to your social media pages and website in case they want to book online. 

10) Thank Your Clients And Ask Them To Leave A Review/Referral:

Lastly, take time to let your clients know how much you appreciate them. Consider offering a complimentary add-on service to show you care about them. These little gestures go a long way in ensuring they refer your business to their friends and family. The holiday season is also a perfect time to tell your clients how much they mean to you. This will result in them writing a good online review about you and might motivate them to recommend your services to their friends.  Adjusting your Spa or Salon Holiday Marketing strategy during the holiday season can help you reap exceptional results. To ease managing the holiday rush and busy season get MioSalon, salon management software.  Book a demo.

Compliments of the season on behalf of the Waffor team! 

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