25+ Salon Marketing Ideas to Attract New Clients!

Salon Marketing Ideas to Attract New Clients
Salon Marketing Ideas to Attract New Clients

Hey Salon Enthusiasts! I am excited to share with you 25+ proven salon marketing ideas and strategies for 2023.

 At MioSalon, we understand that marketing a salon can be challenging, especially in a competitive industry where customer preferences and trends are constantly changing.

However, with the right salon marketing tools and strategies, you can effectively promote your salon and attract new clients. 

That’s where MioSalon comes in – our software offers a range of features that can help you streamline your salon operations, manage your appointments and inventory, and most importantly, drive your salon marketing efforts.

In this article, we will explore 25+ salon marketing ideas and strategies that you can implement to drive your business growth in 2023. From traditional marketing to modern marketing, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover how to boost your salon marketing efforts and achieve your salon business goals.

Table of Contents:

1. Update Your Google My Business Profile

2. Launch an SMS and email marketing campaign

3. Run holiday offers and seasonal promotions

4. Amp your content marketing game

5. Level up your Instagram marketing game

6. Use Instagram ads to boost sales

7. Do exclusive contests/giveaways on Instagram

8. Hire an influencer

9. Post Before & After Images on your Social media

10. Create video content

11. Run a full-fledged loyalty programme

12. Incorporate express services in your menu

13. Focus on gift card promotions

14. Ask for feedback/reviews

15. Get creative with your pricing and menu

16. Master the art of upselling

17. Embrace technology to boost sales

18. Enable online booking/appointment scheduling

19. Train your team well

20. Re-evaluate your retail strategy

21. Run a recommend-a-friend scheme

22. Partner up with a local business

23. Setup a selfie station/photo booth in your salon

24. Host a fundraising event

25. Host a client appreciation event

26. Attend/Participate in a trade show

1. Update your Google My Business Profile

When you perform a Google search for a business, at least three company listings will pop up. For example, most users use the word ‘best’ and their city name in the search (best salon in Mumbai). Your business might pop up based on how popular it is and how optimized your Google My Business profile is and this is the first salon marketing idea.

benefits of using google my business for salon marketing

You can optimize your Google My Business to help you reach more people through your website. Optimization often equates to digital success for businesses.

A lot of people wonder how to create a Google My Business profile. Well, it is generally created automatically by Google based on the information it finds on the internet.

However, it’s in your hands to utilize the page and maximize the benefits. Once you find your GMB profile, you will need to add all the vital information that is relevant to your business.

Examples of this include – correct salon name and location, opening hours, website, images, FAQs, blog posts, etc. A well-maintained GBM profile speaks a lot about your business.

Consider it the face of your business. You can even add categories or certain niches. Even though you own a salon, you might have certain specializations such as nail salon, hair salon, tanning salon, medical spa, etc. Select the categories that are relevant to your business. Google allows you to select up to 10 categories this would be a great salon marketing idea.

2. Launch an SMS and email for salon marketing campaign

It’s hard to reach people in today’s fast-paced world, and SMS marketing has become a popular way to connect with mobile consumers. Check out this list of SMS marketing stats to learn more about its benefits and how you can use it for your business strategy.

If you already have a client database, you should be making the most of SMS and email marketing. Whether it’s reminding clients about an upcoming appointment or announcing the launch of a new service, it’s a great tool to create buzz.

Also, if you have a two-way SMS setup, building engagement becomes a lot easier. There is various kinds of text campaigns you can run. Some of the most popular ones include – promotional and transactional.

In case of a new client, you can send them a welcome message. Other types of text messages and emails you can send include thank you notes, reviews, asking for feedback, after service care instructions, rebooking reminders, product purchase follow-ups, and discount vouchers on their birthdays and anniversaries.

Besides promoting your salon via SMS and email, you can even use it to contact inactive clients. Use your salon software to check who they are and send them an incentive so that they book with you again.

Also, when you communicate with your clients often, it initiates a brand recall. They tend to remember you and realize they need to book an appointment with you.

If you’re skeptical about running a campaign, you can always experiment with a few clients first and track the results you’re getting. But believe us, it’s worth it!

Studies reveal that SMS and email campaigns result in higher open and conversion rates. These days, a lot of beauty business owners are using Whatsapp to send out messages instead of SMS. See what salon marketing idea works best for your business and watch your clientele grow.

sms and email for salon marketing

3. Run holiday offers and seasonal salon promotions

Holiday promotions are a great way to grow your beauty business sales. When the holiday season is around the corner, you have to think of creative salon business idea with fun ways to attract clients to your business. This is the time when people want to look and feel their best.

Also, since the party season is round the corner, your clients will literally be in and out of your salon. Some effective salon marketing strategies you can consider running during this time are pricing and product discounts, marketing tactics by creating urgency with catchy names, and by selling your gift cards at discounted prices.

Make sure you send SMS and email messages announcing that you’re running certain offers for the festive season. Make your content exciting by giving it a festive lingo. This will prompt your followers to share your offer on their social media pages.

Another way to make the holiday season different from regular salon days is by pampering your customers. You want your new clients to come back to your salon even after the holidays are over.

For this, you need to go the extra mile. It might mean a little investment from your end but believe us, it works. Around Christmas, it generally gets very chilly.

It’s a pretty sweet gesture to offer your clients complimentary tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Some cookies with it will be the icing on the cake.

Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to make a lasting first impression. You can even partner with a local brand that is willing to give you coffee and cookies on the house. What they get in return is a promotion for their brand in your salon.

holiday offers and seasonal salon marketing

A holiday season marketing strategy for salons that works wonders is 3 at the price of 2. This is the time most clients will want to get not just one but two or three services.

Use this to your advantage by giving them the third service which is the lowest for free. This move will seriously get more people through your door.

Other salon marketing tactics you could use include selling Christmas gift baskets, product bundles, gift cards and express services. Put these methods to use and watch your revenue grow.

4. Amp your salons content marketing game

Are you a salon owner who thinks content marketing isn’t relevant to your business? Well, you’re mistaken. Since people spend more time on the virtual web space, having content and blogging strategy is extremely important.

There are three main content marketing formats every salon should use – text, photos and videos. You can get the experts of your salon to write blogs and articles on various beauty products.

If they’re not comfortable writing, a video works well too. Free tips and tricks are always appreciated by your audience. Content marketing is the backbone of a great Instagram profile too.

Writing blogs often also ensures your salon ranks on page one of Google search results. Make sure all your text material contains relevant keywords and includes a call-to-action.

However, before you start creating content that will appeal to your audience, you need to assess your client base. For example, if you cater to young clients, they’d obviously not be interested in an article that talks about wrinkles and anti-aging products. Thus, keep them in mind when you’re creating content.

We recommend you write articles and create videos on your most popular services. If you’re running any offers on those services, make sure to mention that as well. Just keep putting out as much content as you can out there.

You can use your salon software to share the content with your target group directly. Send newsletters to your clients via SMS and email, letting them know about your latest video or blog piece.

Another way to engage with your audience is by organizing a webinar. After the COVID-19 pandemic, webinars gained major impetus. Get a guest speaker on board and you can go live on Facebook or Instagram.

Content marketing is key if you want your business to look good online. It speaks immensely about your business and makes clients want to book an appointment with you immediately.

5. Level up your salons Instagram marketing game

We’re pretty sure your salon has an Instagram account. Well, is that enough? No! To flourish and thrive, you need to have a strong Instagram marketing strategy. In fact, there are a lot of new features Instagram has introduced that many salon owners don’t know of.

For example, earlier the photo-sharing app only gave verified accounts and those who had 10K+ followers to add link stickers. But recently, Instagram offered the ability to add links in stories to all accounts.

You can add a link to your website or any other page which you want should be accessible to the user. Well, this can be a huge development for the beauty business.

If your followers find the story you put up impressive along with your booking link, they’ll immediately want to schedule an appointment. You can utilize salon scheduling software to set up your online booking page. Once you’ve done this, you can literally add your booking link everywhere.

Besides creating fun content for stories, don’t forget to plan something valuable and engaging for the posts as well. According to statistics, Instagram users have an attention span of 8 seconds. You literally lose them if you don’t get their attention.

instagram salon marketing

Thus, we highly recommend you create a content schedule and stick to it. Start by planning content for a month. See if it’s working and then tweak it in case it’s not.

Some content themes that work include contest posts, memes, before and after photos, client reviews, short videos, reels, snippets of your salon premises, behind-the-scenes, etc.

Do this and you’re sorted. Also, the images you share should be accompanied by well-written captions. Before planning your copy, consider your followers and your audience.

Choose your words wisely. For example, if your salon gives out a young and millennial vibe, write your copy in a language that will resonate with them. On the other hand, if you run a barber shop where the clientele is mainly men, you’ll need something straightforward and to the point.

Another way to attract clients to your Instagram account is by making your page an educational platform. Use the highlights feature to pin important information onto your profile.

Since they’re always on your page, your followers can access them anytime. The goal is to show your clients that you’re the best in the business.

Leveling up your Instagram marketing game is all about building a community and staying in touch with your audience. This will help you ease communication and build trust and loyalty.

6. Use Instagram ads to boost your salon sales

Since the beauty business is visual-oriented, Instagram is the most effective platform to advertise your offerings.

If your target audience includes millennials, you should definitely not be missing out on the benefits of this social media platform.

While organic posts are a great way to engage with your followers, sponsored posts work well too.

However, before you delve deep into paid ads, we suggest you setup your basic Instagram page.

use instagram to salon marketing
use instagram to salon marketing

Make sure it covers important information and is aesthetically pleasing. The last thing you’d want is a user clicking on your page only to find it undeveloped and non-informative.

Also, remember to keep your posts engaging. Make it a point to reply to comments. This is a great way to build a relationship with your followers.

Now that you know the basics of Instagram marketing, let’s break down the kind of ads you can run for your salon to boost sales.

There are two types of Instagram ads – feed ads and story ads. They are usually marked as “sponsored” and link directly either to the brand’s Instagram page or their website.

The most popular Instagram ads include:

➭ Single photo ads – With this option, a salon owner can create up to six ads with one photo each. They are the go-to Instagram ads as their easy to make. However, remember to use high-quality photos with a good caption. The platform allows you to write a caption of 300 characters max. Also, link your website or online booking link, and mention a call-to-action.

➭ Slideshow ads – Slideshow ads are similar to carousel posts. However, they scroll on their own. You can add up to 10 images with music. You can upload a slideshow from your library or create one. Here again, you need to choose a thumbnail, add a caption and include a website URL.

➭ Carousel ads – The last type of Instagram ads are carousel ads. These usually comprise of two or more images that people can scroll through. Add a universal caption which will apply to all the images and you’re good to go. Another thing you need to create for carousel ads are cards. You can add up to 10 cards per ad and different text too.

The best part of Instagram ads is that they are pretty straightforward. Since they look like Instagram stories, they don’t even give your audience the feeling like you’re trying too hard.

7. Do exclusive contests/giveaways on Instagram to Market your Salon

If you’re looking for ways to up your salon marketing game, increase your social media presence and attract new clients, contests and giveaways are exactly what you need. Everyone likes a little friendly competition, right?

To build buzz around your salon and get people excited, consider running a contest every month as your salon marketing progress. It can be done on your own for a service or in collaboration with another brand.

Also remember, contests are a great way to build your email database. Make it a prerequisite for participants to give their email ID to be eligible for the giveaway. The best part is that contests cost little to execute as a salon marketing but pay off big time in the future.

A lot of salon owners wonder when a good time to hold a contest is. Well, let’s be honest, timing matters. Salon openings and the holiday season are a great time to run a contest.

Create contests that encourage appointments from new clients and build loyalty.

While most salons offer free services in their contests, you could even offer discounts, gift cards, loyalty cards, product samples, gift vouchers from another brand, or maybe a free consultation.

Think of ideas that are different. You can even host contests wherein clients are required to come up with something witty. However, make sure, your following your page is a contest entry prerequisite.

Did you know? You can even host contests for your salon staff? This gives everyone in your team something to strive for. Some competition ideas that will get your employees excited include “employee of the month” and “selfie with a stylist”.

8. Hire an influencer to Market your Salon

In today’s day and age, let’s not underestimate the power of social media. One of the best ways to make your salon stand out is by partnering with an influencer will be a best salon marketing idea.

Based on the size of your salon, you can choose to partner with a micro or macro influencer. Since they have hordes of followers, you can get unrestricted access to a whole pool of clients you haven’t met before.

Also, most people on social media look up to the lives of influencers. Everybody desires their kind of hair, skin, and makeup. Thus, irrespective of the kind of salon you own, partnering with an influencer is a good idea.

In fact, if you’re a new salon owner and are planning to create buzz around your space, influencer marketing should be on your list. If you don’t make the most of it, you’re definitely missing out.

It adds an air of authenticity to your entire endeavour. Just make sure the influencer you’re collaborating with tags your salon and its branches (if any), uses specific hashtags and mentions all the other crucial information in the post.

use influencer for salon marketing

Before you collaborate with an influencer, decide how the campaign and relationship is going to work. Check if they’ve worked with brands similar to yours and if they know what they’re doing. You could also brainstorm salon marketing ideas about how the promotion post/video is going to look.

Next, discuss the commercials. So, some influencers charge to promote your brand whereas the others simply do it for free in exchange of freebies and services from your brand.

This usually varies from influencer to influencer. Therefore, remember to check with them so that you’re not in for a shock later.

9. Post Before and After Images on your Salons Social Media pages

If you’re looking to establish positive digital marketing for your salon, transformative photos are a sure-shot. For those wondering, they’re nothing but before-and-after photos.

These are images that will help you show off your salon’s work. Also, they bring you 87% more engagement than any other type of post.

Remember, the beauty business is a visual industry. Thus, if you want to attract more clients to your salon, don’t miss out capturing an amazing transformation or styling experience.

When these pictures are put out on social media, they inspire other people to get a similar look. However, a common mistake most salon owners or their managers make is that they similar click the photos. There is literally no aesthetic, goal or direction.

If you plan to do in-salon before and after photos, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Some of them include – ask your client’s permission before clicking pictures.

Also, tell them you’re going to use it across your social media pages. Next, don’t forget to consider the background of the image. It should be the same for the before and after photo.

Try to get the photo in the same lighting. Thirdly, when you’re capturing a before and after shot, the focus should on the hair and nothing else.

There should be literally no clutter at the workstation. By doing this, you can build your brand and create a consistent aesthetic.

Fourthly, don’t harass your client for the perfect shot. They might just get irritated and leave.

Get a senior stylist to take photos. Lastly, when you post these images on social media, remember to tag the client as well as the brands of the products used.

This helps you spread the message to a wider audience and gain better visibility.

Clean, simple, and uniform photos will definitely convert. To merge your imagery, use any app. Avoid frames and any kind of writing. Just keep it simple and polished.

social media is a best salon marketing idea

10. Creating video content will be a Ace Salon Marketing idea

Right now, the beauty industry is heavily relying on pictures to promote its services. You see any salon’s Instagram page, and it will be full of pictures.

Breaking the norm are a few salon owners who are currently experimenting with video marketing to attract clients.

Though video creation is a lot of work, it can help you gain the exposure you desire.

video for salon marketing

Also, videos can be posted online. From Instagram Reels to YouTube, the potential of videos cannot be underestimated.

If you don’t want to hire someone to take videos for you, you can always take out your smartphone and start shooting. However, we recommend you get a professional to edit it for you.

Once you’ve decided that you want to shoot videos, you need to churn out some video content ideas. You can’t just start shooting without an agenda.

Some videos you can make include tutorials and tips. You can get an experienced stylist from your salon to speak about hair nourishing tips and tricks or some cool beauty hacks.

These days, people on the internet are seriously invested into watching such videos.

Next, do product demo videos! If there’s a new retail product your salon has just received, make a video on it.

Get someone who has enough knowledge about the product to speak about it. Ideally, you should be highlighting the USPs, the benefits of the product ingredients, the directions to use and the price.

Other fun videos you can create for your salon include short teasers, behind-the-scenes content, live Q&A sessions and snippets from your salon events.

These kind of videos seriously generate a lot of interest and pique the audience’s curiosity.

Once you regularly put out videos on social media, your salon will witness higher sales and will expand your organic reach.

11. Run a full-fledged Loyalty Programme in your Salon

Your customers are the heart of your business. You have to keep them happy. Loyalty programmes are the best way to do so. Did you know? It’s five times more expensive to gain a client than retain an existing one.

Loyalty programs are a sure-shot way to grow and nurture your business. So for those salon owners who are unaware, a loyalty program is a kind of rewards system offered by a business to its returning customers.

Once they have reached a particular threshold of points, you can reward them with discounts, freebies, coupons and access to new products ahead of their release.

A loyalty program really works only because customers will want to reach accumulate a certain number of rewards to redeem their benefits.

It’s a great way to stand out from your competitors.

Since customers are your unpaid advocates, they will further market your business to their friends and family via word-of-mouth marketing.

For a loyalty program to work, it has to be designed well.

You should start by understanding your customer base. Collect their personal details such as age and gender.

Customer data will give you a basic understanding of what kind of rewards and services they are expecting.

loyalty programme to salon marketing

Some clients might like freebies and free services while there are some who even enjoy priority while booking appointments or a personalized service.

Your salon loyalty programme should target active as well as inactive clients. Once you’ve got a clear picture of your customer, decide the objective of the loyalty programme.

Do you want to build their trust or increase the frequency of their visits?

The last step would be deciding the type of loyalty programme. The point-based system is the most popular loyalty program, followed by punch card and tiered loyalty program. Choose one that resonates with your target group the most.

In fact, a lot of people don’t want to spend so much time in a salon. The best answer to this is express services. It’s similar to a normal session but the time a client is required to spend in the chair is usually less. The general rule of thumb is that an express service should be about 30 minutes.

Introducing an express menu is a great way to recover all the loss in revenue from COVID.

The most popular express services include styling – such as a quick blowout, fringe bangs for clients who want to transform their look effortlessly and within a few minutes, express mani-pedi including cut, file and polish and waxing.

Honestly, express services are pretty dang profitable. However, that’s not the only benefit.

When you introduce express services, you get to attract a new target market, increase your staff efficiency and workflow, sell retail products that support express services and have more people walking in and out of your salon.

Also, express services are something that can never go out of fashion. It can act as a year-round promotion for your salon with no seasonal gimmicks attached.

add Incorporate services for salon marketing

Only introducing an express menu isn’t enough. Here’s our express services formula that will help you attract the right target group.

The time for each service should be 30 minutes or less, brand the service with a catchy name accompanied by a description, promote it with signage outside your salon, on social media, and at your front desk, and price it in such a way so that clients don’t have to think twice before availing the service.

13. Focus on salons gift card promotions

Salon gift cards, certificates or vouchers are a great marketing tool. The sales are maximum during the holiday season.

A lot of salon owners wonder how to boost gift voucher sales. Well, there is no magic mantra.

Just don’t confine them to a dark cupboard. To attract new clients to your salon, you need to ensure everyone knows you sell these and keep them at your front-desk at eye level.

You can’t passively wait for clients to ask about gift cards. You got to go out there and market them.

Firstly, if you want gift vouchers in your salon to sell like hotcakes, they need to play the part.

It should not resemble a supermarket discount coupon. Instead, it should look like a luxury salon gift card.

Remember, a lot of people give these in the form of presents. It should be something special with all the details mentioned and some branding of course.

Firstly, if you want gift vouchers in your salon to sell like hotcakes, they need to play the part.

It should not resemble a supermarket discount coupon. Instead, it should look like a luxury salon gift card.

Remember, a lot of people give these in the form of presents. It should be something special with all the details mentioned and some branding of course.

You could also place the gift card in a nice carrier or envelope. It should be something that reflects your hair and beauty brand.

salon marketing with gift card promotion

Once your gift card looks inviting, it’s time to promote it. Choose your words carefully and focus on the gift card recipient.

To create buzz around it, promote them everywhere. Start with your website.

You can even sell them online in the form of digital gift cards. A dedicated voucher page should help you drive sales.

You can have ready vouchers in fixed amounts and give customers the option to figure the denomination. Make sure you mention the terms and conditions clearly.

Vouchers sell the most during the holiday season. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are a few holidays where people want to buy vouchers for gifting.

Make sure you highlight them on your social media accounts and mention how they can be purchased too.

When you actively selling your gift cards it would be great salon marketing trick, more people will buy them and hence, your salon will witness better traffic and new faces constantly.

14. Ask for feedback/reviews

You’d be surprised to know that reviews and feedback can actually grow your business. A lot of new clients are hesitant to try out a salon.

But, when they read positive feedback about your business online, they feel reassured.

Thus, if you want to attract new faces, ask your existing clients to leave reviews. If you’re finding it difficult getting reviews, there are ways of doing it.

You can get reviews from happy clients by rewarding them a little. How about giving them a service upgrade on their next visit or a product sample?

Another way of going about it is striking while the iron is hot.

Feedback Collection for salon marketing
Feedback Collection

When a client in your salon says they love their new look or haircut, ask them if they wouldn’t mind posting a review about your salon online.

Don’t be pushy. Just make it seem as natural as possible. You can also incentivize your team when they convince clients to post a review.

You can even put the best reviews on your salon website. One thing you shouldn’t be doing is asking friends to post fake reviews on Google.

You can get penalized for this type of behavior if spotted. It’s better to have a slow feed than a sudden flood of positive reviews.

A few ways in which salon reviews help include attracting clients with word-of-mouth marketing, improving client loyalty, building trust and confidence, improving your Google My Business profile, building brand awareness and buffering your profile from bad reviews.

Feedback and reviews also improve your salon’s online reputation. 88% of customers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

16. Master the art of upselling

Upselling is a fool-proof salon marketing strategy. As a salon owner, you shouldn’t be underestimating the power of suggestion.

It’s all about how you persuade customers and attract them to your business. However, you as a salon owner cannot directly upsell to your clients.

You will have to train your team of stylists to do it for you. An upsell gone wrong can result in you losing a client.

Thus, even before you decide to introduce upselling, train your staff.

Always ask them to put the client first and not the product. They should shape the pitch around the benefits the clients can receive from using the product.

Other tips include asking open-ended questions. A little change in language and tone is all they need. Ask them not to appear pushy.

The best way to upsell is by using the product during the service. Whether it’s a hair serum or shampoo, it should be used so that the clients can decide themselves if they want to pick it up or not.

Upselling benefits salon owners tremendously as it enhances revenue and is a chance to build an amicable relationship with a client.

upselling for salon marketing

When you take the ime to educate your client, you even come across as an expert in your domain. We’ve heard salon owners say that upselling backfires.

Well, it only does when it isn’t done at the right time. Yes, you read that right. You cannot upsell as and when you want.

Knowing when to upsell ensures it works. The best time to upsell includes at check-in, at the time of booking, at the waiting area, at check-out and during a consultation.

Doing this will definitely make clients want to rebook with you.

17. Embrace technology to boost salons sales

As already discussed, the beauty industry is a competitive space. If you want your brand to grow, you need to keep pace with changing trends.

If you want to boost sales, adopting latest technology is imperative. It will help run every aspect of your business.

In today’s day and age, businesses are heavily relying on automation. Whether it’s getting free salon software or changing the appointment booking process, more salon owners are relying on tech tools to transform their business.

Salon appointment scheduling software is the most popular. Gone are the days where there would be a person at the front desk taking appointments or receiving calls.

Impact of Technology in Salon and Spa marketing
Impact of Technology in Salon and Spa

Today, the entire process is automated. Online booking gives customers the freedom to schedule an appointment anytime and from anywhere. It is super seamless and convenient.

Also, it gives no room for error since the client is doing it himself. Since the booking is made online, customers can also tweak/modify the booking.

A major reason why salon owners prefer online booking is because it sends out automated appointment reminders to the client via SMS and email. It reduces no-shows, cancellations and missed appointments.

Besides an online appointment system, salon management software has also become increasingly popular.

Sales Referral Percentage use for salon marketing
Sales Referral Percentage

It helps a salon owner with appointment scheduling, inventory, client data, employee performance and payroll, retail, marketing and every other mundane task.

It injects efficiency into the salon, simplifies operations and boosts revenue. Other technology that is popular in the salon space includes virtual imaging, webcam consultation, artificial intelligence and online learning resources.

18. Enable online booking/appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling is something we all dread. Whether it’s finding a number or waiting on the phone line, scheduling an appointment over the phone isn’t always the most pleasant experience.

Thankfully, technology is transforming the way our daily operations run. Whether it’s booking a cab or buying groceries, everything can be done at the touch of a button.

Similarly, in the salon space too, clients can now schedule their appointments using online booking software.

It’s quick, seamless, and hassle-free. There are enormous benefits of using salon appointment scheduling system.

Since the software is automated, clients can schedule an appointment anytime and from anywhere.

Appointment Scheduling Modes for salon marketing
Appointment Scheduling Modes

They can book 24/7 without the interference of a receptionist. All they need to do is check the calendar availability and book a slot that fits their schedule.

Once the appointment has been booked, they immediately get a confirmation message. Also, not just this, a major reason salon owners prefer online booking is because the system sends out automated SMS and email reminders to the clients before the appointment.

This significantly reduces no-shows, cancellations and missed appointments. Another surprising benefit of salon booking software is that when customers book online, they tend to spend more.

This is because they get time to go through the menu and choose the services they want. With a phone appointment, customers are not always aware of the services a salon offers.

Secondly, it improves customer experience and your salon revenue.

Important Facts about Customer Experience use it for your salon marketing
Important Facts about Customer Experience

For a salon that is struggling to retain customers, online booking is the way to go. When you’re a new salon in the market, customers are usually hesitant to try you for the first time.

However, when you give them a chance to book online, they get used to scheduling appointments online and skimming through your menu.

Thus, the ease of online booking is helping salons attract more clients and simultaneously boost their overall bottom line.

For a salon that is struggling to retain customers, online booking is the way to go. When you’re a new salon in the market, customers are usually hesitant to try you for the first time.

However, when you give them a chance to book online, they get used to scheduling appointments online and skimming through your menu.

Salon Booking Facts
Salon Booking Facts

Thus, the ease of online booking is helping salons attract more clients and simultaneously boost their overall bottom line.

19. Train your salons team well

Customers may be the lifeblood of your business but your team is equally important. Without them, you’re nothing.

Thus, if you want to attract new clients to your salon, you need to ensure you train your team well.

Since they are the ones who are going to be servicing the client, they should know what to say and what not to.

The experience your stylist gives them determines whether they will come back to your salon or not.

Hold training sessions for your team at least once a month. Communicate with them your current objectives and what you intend to achieve.

Teach them how to greet a client when he/she enters, how to communicate during the service and how to maintain basic etiquette.

All this will impact whether a client returns to the salon or not. As a salon owner, it’s your job to ensure that your staff is always motivated. Give them incentives, take them for work lunches, and praise them to keep them happy.

When you make your team a part of your brand, they too will want to see you flourish and thrive. To boost sales, you can even train your team on techniques such as cross-selling and upselling.

salon team training

Make sure they have the right knowledge of a particular treatment or service. It can be downright embarrassing if they’re not aware of something in front of a client.

However, don’t let the fear of not knowing something misguide the client. If you have salon software for your brand, you must also train your team on how to use it.

Keeping them abreast of the latest technology and industry trends will make them shine in front of your clients.

And, when your potential clients hear that you have such an experienced team, they too will want to visit your salon.

20. Re-evaluate your salons retail strategy

Salon marketing isn’t just about selling your services. It’s also about marketing your retail products.

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective technique to bring clients through the door, think retail. However, for that to happen, you need to get the word out.

Whether you sell shampoos, conditioners or any other beauty products, you need to let your clients know. The items that clients love the most should get your time and attention.

For items that are near to expiry, you can even run a buy-one-get-one offer. Product bundles are extremely popular too. You can pair different products and sell them at a flat-rate.

Send out SMS and email newsletters to let your clients know you’ve just received a fresh stock of retail products.

These days, everybody desires salon-like hair at home. Capitalise on this and see how your retail sells like hotcakes.

Benefits of Retail Strategy in salon marketing
3 Benefits of Retail Strategy

If your salon is launching a new product, you can even run an in-store event. A lot of people like to try and buy. For their sake, organize an interactive and informative event.

Collaborate with the vendor or supplier to host a beauty event in your premises. You can offer trials or even organise a giveaway during the event. Remember, the purpose is for your clients to understand the product. If they like it, they will definitely want to buy it.

Another way to boost your salon retail is by selling online and encouraging your stylists to upsell. Stylists are the people who connect clients to your salon. A client in a chair trusts a stylist with everything they say.

Thus, if you want to level-up your sales, train your staff adequately. They can casually mention the product during the service which will make the client want to try/buy it immediately.

Once you re-evaluate your retail strategy, you will definitely be able to increase your monthly revenue.

21. Run a recommend-a-friend scheme in your salon

A salon referral program is exactly what it sounds like. It’s all about rewarding your existing client base whenever they refer new businesses to your salon.

While the reward for the referrer is completely your choice, most referral programs usually offer a discount for future service, a treatment or a product.

So, the best part of a recommend-a-friend scheme is that you’re getting new business and your existing clients will also return more frequently.

However, you can’t simply run a referral program and tell nobody. It requires a little planning and has to be systematic and exciting.

It should make your existing clients want to refer your business to their friends and family. Firstly, start by delighting your customers. You can’t win a new client if your existing ones are not happy.

Make them look and feel beautiful so that when someone sees their hair or skin, they want the same. Next, if you really want your client to make a referral, you’ve got to bribe them a little with a complimentary service or incentive.

It can be anything such as a complimentary finishing style, a discount on a future service, or a product bag.

With that being said, don’t give away too much of your time and money. Remember, you’re still in the business and if you want to survive, you got to thrive.

After you’ve decided on your offers, spread the word. Marketing your referral program is key if you want your salon clientele to grow.

Train your stylists to start a natural conversation with a client in the chair. Inform them about the “recommend-a-friend” scheme you’re running.

If people know about your program, they’d be more inclined to refer their friends only to get that complimentary coupon/discount.

Once your referral program is on in full swing, track the data. Use your salon software to monitor how it’s actually doing.

If you notice it’s producing the results you desire, keep it going because this would be a great salon marketing idea!

referal program is a best salon marketing idea

22. Partner up with a local business

Have you ever considered partnering with a local business? If yes, it can be a game-changer for your brand.

It’s a strategy to promote a business that is industry-friendly and likeminded. Partnering with a local business is a win-win for both.

For example, if your salon specialises in hair and nail services, you can partner up with another business that excels in facials, waxing and other beauty services.

Don’t be surprised at what we’re saying. Partnerships are amazing.

Business Partnership Statistics for salon marketing
Business Partnership Statistics

Since you don’t directly compete with the brand, you can cross-promote each other. The mantra is simple. They get to service your clients and you get to service theirs.

However, you can’t just go out there and partner with any brand in the market. Well, just like any other partnership, there are rules.

Firstly, they should have a great reputation. You should feel confident doing business with them because you’re going to be referring your best clients.

Secondly, they should share company values similar to yours. Also, find a business that is similar to you yet different.

Your services should be related yet be unique. You don’t want them eating into your business. Once you find an appropriate business to partner up with, you need to chalk out how you’re going to be helping each other.

Well, there are two ways of going about it. You can either do so internally by distributing their brochures and marketing collateral in store or by hosting an event.

Whatever it is, make sure both you and the other business are promoting each other on your social media platforms.

Let your audience be aware of this. At the end of the day, strong communication will result in the right clients coming in.

23. Setup a selfie station/photo booth in your salon

We’re occupants of a digital age. We want to document everything we do and put it out on social media.

Whether it’s a dish or a new look, the ‘gram has seen it all. The same theory applies for salons as well.

When a client is in your salon chair, their confidence is through the roof and, if the stylist has done his job well, they’d obviously want to take a picture of themselves.

Whether it’s a fresh cut, style or colour, taking a photo is one thing most people do. They might even credit the stylist and mention your salon. Well, that’s a win-win.

But, what if the lighting in the photo isn’t great and doesn’t do justice to the service you’ve offered?

There is only one solution to this – setting up a designated selfie station or photo booth in your salon.

Depending on your space, you can setup a designated area for clients to take photos of themselves.

It should be the perfect place for clients to capture their new look before they leave your premises.

It doesn’t have to be something over the top. Even a clean, branded wall will do. If you don’t have a selfie station in your salon, it’s definitely a missed marketing opportunity.

Also, when you have a designated area, you can be assured of the quality of the pictures your client takes.

It’s most likely to be well-lit, inviting and aesthetically pleasing. It’s also a great way to make your clients your biggest marketers.

Other benefits of a selfie station include brand promotion, creates the fear of missing out and makes others want to participate, it gives you content to post on your salon account without much effort, and it promotes your stylists and motivates them to do better.

Creating a photo booth isn’t hard. It all depends on your space and how much you’re willing to invest.

The background you choose doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be a textured wall or something with your logo printed all over. Whatever you do, make sure it’s clean.

The focus should be on the client not the background. Besides this, amp up the space with LED lights, tropical artificial plants and fun props.

24. Host your salon fundraising event

A fool-proof way of attracting new clients to your salon is by hosting a fundraising event. There are certain causes people are extremely passionate about or might suddenly feel the need to contribute towards something.

Today, the way customers are spending their money is changing. Social consciousness has made people loyal towards companies with charity programs.

They want their money to go into causes they believe in. Thus, as a salon owner, it would be a good idea for you to host a charity/fundraising event.

It will make your salon shine in the eyes of your audience and make you feel good that you’re doing something towards society.

You don’t have to host a charity event often. Once in three months is good enough. Involve and motivate your staff, and raise awareness for a cause.

You could even establish a local partnership with a charity organisation. You can either decide to offer grooming services for the underprivileged or introduce premium services where all the payments would go to charity.

Once you’ve decided on the goal of your event, market it well. Let people know that you’re hosting such an initiative.

Boost your post so that you can attract better traffic. You can create a fundraising menu with certain services.

The best way to collect maximum donations for your fundraiser is by only including premium services in your menu.

Think hair colouring, haircuts, pedicures, blowouts and more. During the event, keep a close track of the donations that are coming in.

Give your clients the assurance of where their money is going. You could even print out pamphlets that accurately mention everything about the charitable trust/organization.

At the end of the event, you can even hand out coupons that people can use on their next visit. This is an amazing way to get recurring customers. Every salon should consider incorporating charity into their salon business culture this will be useful for others and a good salon marketing idea too.

25. Host your salons client appreciation event

The benefits of hosting a client appreciation event in your salon are innumerable. For those who don’t know, what is a client appreciation event? Well, it’s just a fun event where you celebrate your clients.

That’s right! You invite all the big spenders and ask them to get their friends along. Think of it as a unique opportunity to expand your horizons.

Once you’ve invited your loyal patrons to this party, you need to decide what you’re going to do. Since your goal is to celebrate your clients and thank them for their business, you should reward them with complimentary services.

While you may not be able to offer full services, you can always setup stations around your salon where you can perform express services such as file and polish, brow grooming, party makeup, blowouts, beard trims and head massages.

Your clients should think that it was worth visiting your party. If it’s dull and boring, don’t expect these people to turn up at your next event.

Besides attracting new clients to your salon, a client appreciation event also helps with client retention. It establishes long-term loyalty.

If you’re a salon that’s been in the business for a few years, you should host this event annually. However, be strategic about the month you’re hosting the party in. Don’t sacrifice the big numbers and revenue.

Besides attracting new clients to your salon, a client appreciation event also helps with client retention.

It establishes long-term loyalty. If you’re a salon that’s been in the business for a few years, you should host this event annually.

However, be strategic about the month you’re hosting the party in. Don’t sacrifice the big numbers and revenue.

If weekends are busy for you, don’t host it then. We recommend you host the party between 5-8pm on your dull days.

Lastly, make sure you’ve ordered some short eats and beverages for your guests. Nobody likes going to a party where there is no food.

26. Attend/Participate in a salon trade show

Besides attracting new clients to your salon, a client appreciation event also helps with client retention.

As a salon owner, you may be incredibly busy ensuring your hair and beauty business thrives. However sometimes, instead of dealing with clients on your salon floor, it may be a good idea to go out there and see what’s trending.

Offline methods of salon marketing work wonder as well. If there’s a hair and beauty show in your city, we highly recommend you attend it.

It’s a great opportunity to network and let your brand be heard and seen. If you can’t attend it yourself, it’s important that your brand name is being represented.

Ask your top stylist if they’d like to come along. It’s a great excuse to network, meet people, get contacts and give your social media efforts a boost.

Trade shows usually have people from all walks of life. Thus, you get to learn a lot. Be sure to mingle with as many people as possible.

Whether they are competitors or salon product suppliers, everyone will definitely have something to share with you.

Don’t forget to take your business cards along. Give it to anyone who seems enthusiastic about your business. You even get to learn about new deals on latest salon products.

Another reason why tradeshows and exhibitions are beneficial to salon owners is that they get to learn about upcoming industry innovations.

From new equipment that will save time and money in your salon to better methods to manage clients, there’s a lot you can learn about.

Also, most trade show relationships never end there. People continue networking even after the event.

This is a win-win situation for budding salon owners who want to sharpen their business acumen skills.